Apps That Became Popular During Distance Learning

 Getting used to the new normal has had its impact on the field of education as well. Lots of apps have become popular during distance learning. What is more, having these apps on hand has made online education possible during these turbulent times. Nowadays, no one is asking the question ‘what is distance learning’ as pretty much everyone is able to define distance learning. However, it looks like going back to college campus is not happening for a little while longer, but dealing with assignments or searching for affordable essay writing is still quite common for the majority of students. So here are the most popular apps used in distance learning.


1.     Google Classroom

This app has become essential for almost every student during the period of distance learning. With its help, teachers can share curriculum and educational materials, assign tasks, create forums, as well as provide feedback to their students. This is one of the most important apps to have in the process of student preparation for distance education, so it is vital to include it in the list of resources for parents during distance learning as they are often the ones who need to make sure their kids are all set for online learning. If parents don’t want their children to make use of various affordable essay writing services, they should monitor the studying process at least for a little while. All in all, Google Classroom is a perfect management tool which is easily accessible both for teachers and students.

2.     Trello

This app will come in handy when you are looking for a tool that will help you with time management and scheduling. What is particularly great is that you can do it in real time and share those digital cards you have created with others. Whether you want to remind others to visit in order to get affordable essay writing assistance, or simply want to share the study schedule for the next week, Trello is a perfect tool to do that. Apart from that, you can have virtual meetings, organize affordable essay writing workshops, view your workflow and check whether you have any new cards with assignments. That’s right, teachers can use Trello as a platform to assign tasks as well. What is more, there is an option to attach a Google Doc in case it is necessary.

3.     Prezi

 Prezi is an app that is extremely useful when creative lesson planning is required. With its help, it’s super easy and super fun to add graphics to presentations and videos. As a result, the visual appeal of the lesson gets enhanced which means that students are more likely to pay attention and actually learn something. The more students are able to perceive information and actually remember it, the less likely they are going to address their request to an affordable essay writing service to deal with their assignment. Creative and unconventional lesson plans totally pay off.

Another interesting thing to mention is that the catalog of templates is really impressive, not to mention the fact that one can easily customize them in accordance with their own needs. Even if the topic in question is something like ‘affordable writing services: how to organize the content of a comparative essay’, there are tons of templates to choose from that will help you illustrate the point you are trying to make. Check out this cool app if you are new to Prezi and have never used it before. You will definitely find something you’ll like. Apart from being a great educational tool, this app also helps to make the studying process less boring. As a result, more students are engaged which is the whole point of learning.

4.     Miro

Miro is a virtual whiteboard. It’s hard to underestimate the importance of this tool during distance learning. What is particularly advantageous about this app is that it is completely different from the majority of other tools that simply offer a traditional digital white board. Miro is a much better tool as it has a variety of cool features with the help of which it is much easier to encourage students to participate. As a result, using Miro in online learning helps to boost classroom participation. More and more students become interested in the subject in question which means that they are more likely to complete their assignments themselves rather than use the assistance of an affordable essay writing service. In general, it is totally possible to help students be less dependent on affordable essay writing services. Yet, it’s vital to invest in high-quality educational tools with the help of which the studying process will feel less mundane.

Miro is one of the tools you should definitely use in your distance learning programs. This tool helps students interact online and collaborate on their projects. What is more, Miro offers a Google Suite integration which makes the organizational part of the studying process less hectic. Distance learning does not have to be boring. With the right tools at your disposal, it is possible to make studying online way more fun than you have probably expected.

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