Windscribe VS PIA VPN | Which is Better and Why In 2024 ?

Virtual Private Network is a term, which has become an essential part of the Internet. The world of Internet has evolved from the past decade at a lightning bolt speed, which has broken the Internet records. The Internet has become a vast network, where you no longer need the help of the Television networks to reach the audience.

The vast Internet reach has its perks and disadvantages, which has cost the companies $1B in security. Every year more than a million complaints are coming about Hacking, Privacy invading, Online bullying, Online stalking, and more.

One of the major roles, which has played to secure the users from it is Security programs and VPN (Virtual Private Network), which is the most competitive program on the Internet right now.

Windscribe vs. PIA[Private Internet Access] Which is Better and Why?

PIA VS Windscribe VPN

There is no doubt that you can find plenty of programs which allows you to secure your computer and you from the online threats but not every service is reliable. So, we are going to compare WIndscribe vs PIA (Private Internet Access) programs to give you vital information that will help you decide, which is the best option for you.

*1 Free

None of the brands are offering Windscribe and Private Internet Access program for free of cost but how do you find out, which one is working out for you?

Without trying an unknown product, can you judge it? What if the product fails to impress you after the purchase.

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PIA does not allow you download a free-trial program to test their products and help you finalize your decision. However, Windscribe isn’t like that, and you can download the trial version, which will give you an insight of how well does VPN program works out for you.

You will decide on whether to subscribe to premium version or not.

*2 Transparency

No matter, which product you buy but you should know its advantages and disadvantages, but PIA lacks clarity. Their policies claim several things which virtually isn’t possible.

The PIA logic says that “You won’t leave a footprint when you walk on the ice.”

Never trust VPN services, who say that they don’t save your activity log, which is impossible.

The Windscribe does keep your event log but only for three minutes. When you log out of your premium version, your data will be deleted automatically within three minutes, which means you leave no records at all. Even they can’t tell if you have visited the same site twice in a day.

Windscribe policy is straightforward and does not hide a single point, which means you are safe and put your faith in the team.

*3 Speed

PIA and Windscribe come with decent browsing speed, but browsing speed isn’t the only speed that matters. What about the download speed?

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Private Internet Access does not have reliable servers, which allows you to download files, media, and movies at a decent speed, which means you may have to face slower download speed. The download speed also applies for those who watch videos online.

*4 Ad and Tracker Blocking

We are going to share information that no other brands never do. The VPN allows you to keep your ISP untraceable but the website nowadays like Google, Youtube, Blogs, Ads, and other services are now saving Cookies, Data in your browser and it is a common practice but it does reveal you are true identity.

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Unlike other VPN services, Windscribe helps you keep yourself secure from all sorts of tracking codes, services, cookies, etc. by adding a browser extension that blocks ADS, Trackers which can comprise your security. The extension is more than just VPN supporter, and it works even when you are not using the Windscribe VPN. You can turn the windscreen off and use the extension as well.

*5 Pricing

You can find the latest pricing from the brands on the official site, but we would like to show you how much of the price differences is it between the PIA and Windscribe.

As you can see from below, Windscribe cost $0.42 extra when you compare it to the PIA services, which is worth your money. But Windscribe have lifetime plans which costs only $49 and for getting you need to visit some deals website during festive seasons like Christmas,

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Windscribe stopped all their promotions and paid review since 2021 and also there is no affiliate program for Windscribe VPN. PIA or Private Internet Access is not like that there is affiliate program and paid promotions going on at time of writing this article. In short you won’t find any big youtubers or tech blogs writing or promoting Windscribe VPN and their related products.


Windscribe is a wise choice because they are genuine and transparent when it comes to Policies and Services. Shoot your opinion and experience in the comment section below.

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