Tips To Acing Your Next Online Exam

Taking an online exam may be an intimidating experience for some of us. We are so used to answering exam questions with our pencils and papers, so we have to make necessary adjustments. Some are unsure of the strategies and skills that would help them perform to the fullest. Since we do not know what to expect, we become more scared and nervous.

The good news is that preparing for an online exam is similar to preparing for an in-class test! However, the online mode poses numerous differences that we must foresee. Knowing what to do before, during, and after an online exam is necessary to obtain the best score. Do you have an upcoming online exam that you want to ace? We are here to help you reach your goal score! Read on for pointers and tips for acing your next online exam.

What to do before an online exam

The preparation phase is one of the most crucial stages of getting ready for an online exam. During this part, make sure that you have learned everything you need to answer test questions correctly.

Know the test details.

First, know the specific time, date, duration, and other details regarding the exam. Take note of the factors outlined by your instructor to make sure that you did not miss out on anything. Some questions to ask are:

  • Is the exam timed?
  • Do we have to turn on our cameras during the test?
  • Are we allowed to open our notes during the exam?
  • Will there be a makeup exam in case of emergencies?

Next, know the type of test to be given out by your instructor. Doing so will help you come up with specific strategies to obtain the correct answer. Familiarize yourself with the test type of your exam. Moreover, answer practice exams given by your instructor. Mock exams will help you simulate the actual test-taking process.

Take a look at your computer.

Check your computer to avoid last-minute problems. Make sure that you have all the software needed for the exam. Moreover, you must check your computer for bugs and viruses to minimize lags and disruption during the exam. Also, look for a location with a fast internet connection. Ensuring that you have a speedy connection is one of the most crucial steps of preparing for an online examination.

Study and avoid distractions.

Of course, you would have to study your class material. You must not be complacent even if your instructor allows you to check your notes during the test! Create a study schedule that would help you pace your time as you study. Doing so will help you cover all the required lessons for the exam and manage your time efficiently.

If you have ample time, make your study guide for mastering all the needed concepts for your online test. You may also go to this site for study plans and other materials to help you ace your exam.

Furthermore, it is crucial to block out all distractions while studying. Turn off your phone notifications in the meantime to stay focused. Although it can be very tempting, refrain from scrolling through social media!


On the night before the online test, make sure to get enough sleep. Having a restful night will help you retain all the information you have studied. Do not take an online exam with an empty stomach! Lastly, take a deep breath before logging into your test website.

What to do during an online exam

Do not panic! Stay calm and collected to keep your focus. Remember that your test is just like a regular exam. Keep an eye on the clock to take note of the time you have left. Furthermore, read the instructions carefully to avoid careless mistakes. If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask your instructor to clarify muddy points.

When your internet or computer lags, keep your cool and inform your instructor immediately. Explain your situation clearly so that they would understand what happened. Technical problems are unavoidable, but we should report them right away.

Lastly, review your work thoroughly! Make sure that you have answered all the test questions in your exam. Take note of calculation errors, as well as spelling and grammar mistakes. Go through all the questions one by one so that you do not miss anything. After that, you can now click submit!

What to do after an online exam

After the exam, assess your progress and take note of the parts you found difficult. Ask yourself how you can do better on the next exam. Moreover, take note of your strategies and what you can do to improve them further.

You can do it!

As our elders used to say, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Online exams can be scary, but you can surely improve and do better! Know more tips and take note of all these pointers to help you ace your next online test.

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