How To Easily Boost Likes On Your Instagram Page

One of the critical measurements of engagement with your audience on Instagram is likes. Likes are an essential and fundamental element in the world of Instagram. Posts with a high number of likes get better exposure as they are ranked higher in users’ news feeds. Additionally, likes serve to increase future reach. Instagram’s algorithm prefers to show users new posts from other posters that they have previously liked. Also, more significant likes attract more traffic besides garnering more followers. If people like your posts and shares, they are far more likely to visit your profile and check out all posts. In short, post likes are an essential part of any effective Instagram marketing strategy. The following tips will help.

Share The Kind Of Posts That Have Been Proved To Work

There can be no Instagram marketing strategy without images; that is obvious. What is not so apparent is why people like your posts. You need to find that out by having a look at your old posts and analyze them accordingly. Individuals and businesses new to Instagram should check their competitors to ascertain what is working for them. You need to use the insight you gather from the analysis of such posts and craft ones for your account accordingly.

Two types of images are usually shared on Instagram, i.e., designed images and photos. Using the latter is as simple as taking a picture, adding a filter to it, and hitting the post button. As per studies, photos with the Mayfair filter get the highest number of engagements. The same study found that posts without any sort of filter at all perform second best.

When you are using a designed image, it helps to have a text overlay as relevant facts or quotes. The text also might be anything else likely to capture the onlooker’s attention and engage them. As mentioned at, if you are looking for a quick fix to pump up the number of likes, you can opt for purchasing Instagram likes. For getting organic likes, the key is to keep your content valuable and entertaining.

Ensure That The Caption Contain CTA Messages And Hashtags

There is little as effective in getting more likes as merely asking for the same. This is almost a general social media trend. People who specifically ask for retweets get more retweets as per a particular study. This statement holds ground for Instagram, too. You should consider adding simple phrases like “Please like and share” in your image captions. You can also use CTA buttons with some specialized services in your profile. Alternatively, you can use it as overlay text too.

Another thing that helps boost your post like count is the use of hashtags—experts advise using at least eleven hashtags with each post. However, please don’t use more than fifteen hashtags, or it will look more like spam than anything else. You are free to use popular hashtags for your posts if they are relevant or use specialized tools to find niche hashtags.

Make It A Point To Post At Suitable Times

According to a study, the optimal posting time for maximum engagement is between 10 PM to 3 AM. The effectiveness of such a period can be attributed to several factors. One of the more important of such causes is that few people post at these times. The low competition results in higher levels of engagement as your post get greater attention. But one thing to note regarding this is to ensure that you are still targeting your intended audience. But remember, the times we mentioned are as per a particular study, and there may be other studies with other recommended timings. The last thing to note that posting manually on Instagram is not only cumbersome but time-consuming as well. It helps to use scheduling tools that automatically post to Instagram at predesignated times.

Ensure That You Share The Post On Other Social Network Channels As Well

People or businesses which already enjoy a significant following on other social channels should share their Instagram posts on these networks too. Doing this will guide more people to your Instagram account, thereby boosting the number of likes for your different posts.

Instagram has built-in tools that let share posts to the following networks during publishing:

  • Twitter
  • Tumblr and
  • Facebook

However, the character restrictions and image settings lead to inconsistency in the shared posts’ content and appearance on other networks.

Engage With Other Posts And Be Active

A particular strategy adopted by a leading digital marketer found that being active on Instagram helps get more likes. He started to randomly like Instagram images. The result was that one hundred likes got him 21.7 likes in return and 6.1 follow backs. The strategy is useful even if you don’t follow these people on a reciprocal basis. However, consider your larger business goals before you adopt this strategy.

This article acquaints you with some of the more effective ways to get more likes for your Instagram posts. There are additional ways, too, but the five mentioned here are relatively quick and hassle-free organic ways of achieving your goal. These tips will help you come on top of your Instagram marketing challenge as we welcome in the new year. Having the right strategy succeeds!

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