Waterfox Download 2024 Windows 11, MacOS Offline Installer

Waterfox which was released back in 2011 is based on the latest stable build of Mozilla Firefox source code,with an aim to improve the speed. Since the user interface are almost same it takes no time to getting used to it.

Download Latest 2023 Version of Waterfox Offline Installer For Windows 11,10, Mac OS

Waterfox For Windows 11, 10 G5.1.7

Waterfox For Mac OS G5.1.7

This name Waterfox is not as popular compared to other well known browsers, but this speedy one is exclusively developed,updated and maintained for 64 bit operating systems.Now some guys are still confused with 32 bit and 64 bit versions of OS,here is a concise explanation to remove all those confusion and to understand the same concept in a better manner.

A PC with 64 bit version of windows running on it can use more memory ie 4 GB or more RAM expansion is possible .But a computer with 32 bit OS installed on it can go only up-to 3.5 GB or less,even if you use 4 GB.Many of the software which worked in 32 bit seems to also work in your 64 bit OS.In short 64 bit is future computing.So i think this explanation has cleared the issue that some have faced.

So what about the plugins compatibility ?

Most of them seems to compatible with it.

What do you require to run Waterfox 46.0.1 ?

64-bit version of Windows, Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64) (to avoid missing error message).

Note : during uninstallation or removal of this browser it is recommended not to remove personal settings as this may affect your current Firefox installation.

Before installing this updated version remove the previous version of it manually to avoid possible errors which may come up.

New features and fixes in latest build

  • Introduced new logo
  • Better JavaScript stability
  • Visual C++ 13 and Intel C++ 14 is updated to that version
  • Fixed vectorized code
  • Updated international components with respect to Unicode
  • Mega.co.nz ( website for storing files in the cloud) no more crashes as it’s fixed in this build.
  • Testing the compatibility with Vista 64-bit OS
  • Geolocation API now supported
  • Switched to Intel Threaded Building Blocks
  • Corrupted previews are now fixed
  • Availability : Only for Windows 64-bit and MAC OS

Offline installer

Download Windows version Download Portable Download MAC OS

Final thought

Waterfox is actually a clone of Firefox with an ultimate aim of providing better browsing experience by utilizing your laptop or desktop which runs on the most advanced architecture.

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