Pure Free Portfolio WordPress Theme To Try Out

Everything is available on the internet in today’s world. It has become a phenomenon for the new age if you have a business and you are not online it means you do not exist in real world. It should be, an integral part of your life to integrate to the people around the world through internet as most of the transactions are made online due to the influence of ecommerce. It should also be considered that being online allows you to target a wider and varied group of customers which make generating of new customers a walk in the park.

To be online all the time one needs to have a website that can represent them online and allow them to be available to everyone at every point of time, whether one is known customer or an unknown customer. The first step to building a website is to decide the base language that is required to build a website on. This era of computerization consisting of multiple types of language to build a website provides a versatile language to decide from, some of them are PHP, java, .net etc. while having a versatile language pool people and developers consider content management systems which allow very simple integration of the website idea to the language. The most known and utilized CMS is WordPress; it is one of the CMS that has been made available with regular updates to incorporate more features.

Now, talking about the CMS, it should be known that the one common thing that all CMS have are designs or templates. Though each CMS has its own kind of structure therefore the installation process for each CMS theme is different. Different themes allow you to provide the desired front-end to the user who would like to visit your website. Each type of design is unique in its own kind that means that every design that has its own type of structure that allows the uniqueness of each theme from one another. Another thing that comes with package are the different add-ons available with the zip-package, for example the slider or the module for Contact form.

Now when we talk about the different type of themes there are two major categories that the themes can be divided into which are paid and unpaid. Unpaid themes obviously contain fewer features as compared to the paid theme due to the obvious factor of capital that comes in hand. A nice portfolio theme that I would like to discuss is the Pure Free Portfolio WordPress Theme. The theme is developed to mainly display your portfolio and is available free of cost to download. The process is to just put in your correct email id so that a download link of the package can be sent to the specified email id to download.

See demo

Download page

Pure Free Portfolio WordPress Theme in action

pure wpWhen it’s installed and activated it provides you with a wide variety of options like team, testimonials, partners etc.



There are also multiple them options that are given to you for the improvement or I may say the customization according to the person who needs the website developed.


Fonts sections


Social profiles

color options

Choose the color that best suits you

These are the different option panels that are provided in the package helping you to customize your theme ranging from the simplest of changing the base color to the most difficult scenarios like changing the current logo, and different options available that are crucial to customize a theme.

Final Thought

To some it all up I would like to say that the Pure free portfolio theme is one of the best theme that is made available for free on the web for developing portfolios due to its flexibility and the ability to give user the freedom of defining his or her work on the web.

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