9 Gadgets That Will Help You Live a Healthier Life

9 Health Gadgets That Will Improve Your Life


Staying healthy isn’t easy. And the COVID-19 pandemic only made it harder. All the social distancing and lockdowns were a huge obstacle to eating well, exercising, and getting fresh air.

At the same time, the last few decades have introduced new gadgets that can help you meet your health and fitness goals. Here are 9 that you can try: 

  • Electric toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes aren’t exactly new. The first one was invented back in 1954 in Switzerland. But it wasn’t until the last couple of decades that they became more widespread.

Electric toothbrushes offer a host of benefits over traditional toothbrushes. They are more effective at removing plaque, allow you to be more focused while brushing, and sometimes come with built-in timers to help you know when you’ve brushed a sufficient amount of time. 

  • Bidets

A bidet is a device that connects to your toilet and sprays water to help clean you after you use the bathroom. It was first invented in France (hence the French word), and it has yet to catch on in the US.

There are many health benefits of using a bidet. For example, they help with chafing, limited hand mobility, kids who may not wipe properly, and overall hygiene. 

Think about it. If you were to get your hand dirty, you’d want to clean it with water. You wouldn’t just rub it with dry paper. Well, that’s what most people do when they use toilet paper. So get a bidet instead and notice the difference it makes.

  • Smart water bottles


Smart water bottles are one of the latest health trends. The global market for them is expected to reach $48,700 by 2025. So how exactly are they different from regular water bottles?


Well, smart water bottles track your daily water intake so you can keep track of your progress throughout the day. Sometimes they even sync with your smartphone so you can set custom water drinking goals and get hydration cues in real-time. 


Some advanced smart water bottles also filter the water for you, so you can fill them straight from the tap.


  • UV water purifiers


Speaking of clean water, you might also try a UV water purifier. These come in all shapes and sizes—some are even built into the lids of bottles!


Here’s how they work: The UV device exposes bacteria in the water to UV radiation, which kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs and prevents them from reproducing. It’s a quick way to clean your water without waiting for it to filter.


  • Wearable activity trackers


Want to get in better shape? Then a wearable activity tracker might be for you. Ever since Fitbit released its first activity tracker in 2009, several brands have come out with different models to help people monitor their health and fitness.


Wearable fitness trackers can track your exercise, sleeping, and eating patterns. For example, they can measure running or walking distance, time, and pace to help you stay motivated. Some even monitor your heart rate so you can safely lower it after an intense workout. 


Best of all, wearable activity trackers allow you to monitor your health and fitness without carrying around your phone. Simply strap them around your wrist like a watch or even get one that’s a ring. The Oura ring, for example, can track your sleep, heart rate, and more—all from your finger!


  • Humidifiers


Depending on where you live, you might not get much humidity. Well, that’s nothing that a humidifier can’t help. Humidifiers add moisture to the air wherever you are. Some blow air through a moistened filter or use rotating disks, electricity, or ultrasonic vibrations to produce mist. 


Having a humidifier in your room helps prevent dry skin as well as cold and flu symptoms. So if you live somewhere dry or have sensitive skin, a humidifier could be a good solution.


  • Blenders 


Blenders are a must-have for anyone that wants to make eating healthy easy. They are good for making smoothies, fruit juices, dips, and more.


What’s great about blenders is that they can blend almost anything. And they’re better at retaining the nutritional value of food. 


So if you don’t like to eat your vegetables, try drinking them in a smoothie instead. It’s an easy way to make sure you get all the nutrients you need.


  • Electric massagers


We all get tight muscles every now and then. And if you sit at a desk for work all day, you’ve probably had your fair share of back pain. Well, if you don’t want to pay for regular professional massages, consider getting an electric massager. They use electric heat or vibrations to soothe your muscles.


Electric massagers come in all shapes and sizes, and many handheld types go for less than $100. They’ll help you relieve stress, treat injuries, improve your flexibility and blood circulation, and more.


  • Smart thermometers


Last on our list, we have smart thermometers. They’ve only been around since 2013, when Kinsa created the first FDA-approved smartphone-connected thermometer

Smart thermometers are an effective way to detect sickness, disease, and even COVID-19 symptoms. And they can sync to your phone so you can keep track of your temperature reading history. Not a bad way to monitor your and your family’s health.


Now that you’ve learned about some new health and fitness gadgets, go ahead and get one to invest in your long-term health. Remember, it’s easier to stay in good shape than to try to get back into shape later. So the earlier you make your health a priority, the better.

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