VaultPress vs Backupbuddy Which is Better? and Why? For WordPress Users In 2024

I’d like to start with a quote, “Better safe than sorry” this quote sums it all. You might ask that why do we need a backup for our WordPress website; If your WordPress website/blog has any value to you then you need to back up your hard work. Also, there are a lot of things that can go wrong about your website. Statistically speaking, 38.9% of users have reported a hack in their website from 2015. The number is enough to make you realize how important it is for you to secure your work. VaultPress and Backupbuddy are two popular WordPress plugins that will help you secure your website.

Both of the plugins, VaultPress and Backupbuddy are paid platform and are totally worth their price. It’s the price you are paying against the security of your website. It is automatically understood that these paid plugins are worth every penny.

The work of these plugins is to automatically back up your WordPress site which includes files and database and that too without any intervention from you. Also, they have provision to store the backup offsite because in any case if the server goes down of your site, your backup will remain safe.


VaultPress  official website is defined with two words, fast backups, and easy restoration. This plugin is amazing; it will show you the backup progress in real time for uploads, themes, plugins, and database. Every backup will happen in autopilot. Depending on your plan there is an additional security feature and spam protection feature too. VaultPress provides advance security scans which implies that it will take better care of your website. It gives defined information about every backup and has expert support.


BackupBuddy official website : is a great plugin that comes with an affordable price range and mind-blowing features. BackupBuddy has an intuitive and user-friendly interface also it has a live backup which gives live reports. It has a quick way of downloading the files to an off-site storage. Along with security scanning, it has other cool features too.

As mentioned above too, it has a user-friendly interface which can be handled easily, everything is in your WordPress dashboard that can be accessed on a click. It also has multiple off-site storage options and can exclude certain files or database tables too. Although it does not provide a free trial.

Let’s discuss ahead of the comparison between the two.

Ease of Setup: VaultPress is easier to set up than BackupBuddy. VaultPress plugins are available in the WordPress Plugin repository, you just have to install it with few clicks. On the other hand with BackupBuddy you have to download a zip file and then upload that zip file to WordPress site to install it. It becomes easy in case you are familiar with WordPress but in overview scenario, VaultPress is easier.

Support is an integral part of any website, application or a plugin. When encountering any issue with VaultPress you can visit their website and contact them and they’ll resolve your issue as soon as possible but in case of BackupBuddy, they don’t have a fixed customer care contact number. Even there is no email address and they register your complain or issue through a forum.

Storage Space Who doesn’t need storage space? BackupBuddy comes with 1GB of storage space and you can purchase more if you want to, whereas VaultPress gives unlimited storage space.

Server compatibility BackupBuddy creates some issue if your site has Godaddy hosting, even their official site says that. On the other hand, VaultPress is compatible with everything.


The comparison in the price depends upon your need, if you have a single website to backup VaultPress is really cheap. Whereas for BackupBuddy you have to pay the price of two websites and in case you need extra storage you have to pay more. In case of only one site VaultPress takes the lead but for multiple site backup, you might choose BackupBuddy over it.

Final Verdict

In case you have a large number of sites and you are sure of BackupBuddy features and also you have done the math right, about the cost of additional external storage than for you BackupBuddy is a better option. If BackupBuddy doesn’t work on your server, you’re out for the money you spent on it because they have no refund policy. More secure but expensive choice is VaultPress.

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