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WP subscribe is another free plugin from Mythemeshop, the creators of elegant fast loading WordPress themes and plugins. The primary aim of this plugin is to bring more and more email subscribers to your blog or website which is more important than search engine visitors as the ones coming from your email news letter trust in what you shoot at your blog and finally you get the ultimate ROI ( return on investment )

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WP subscribe features

  1. It’s the only free all-in-one plugin which offers Aweber, Mailchimp and FeedBurner
  2. Choose between
    1. Mailchimp ( requires API key and List ID )
    2. Aweber ( only List ID required )
    3. FeedBurner ( only ID )
  3. Options to change text showing in subscription box
  4. Fully responsive
  5. Can be easily customized using custom CSS
  6. Compatible with caching and SEO plugins
  7. Eye-catching design
  8. Choose between 3 unique styles of thumbnails: small, big or no thumbnails ( we didn’t see this feature in the current version 1.0 and we were wondering how ? )
  9. Can be used more than once in different sidebars.
  10. Position it anywhere where a widget is configured in your theme.

Screenshot when used it

screenshot after we tried

From our end: Click on it to view larger

Suggestion to the developer

  • Add sticky option when used in the sidebar when the blog is viewed from desktop

Does no cost item means you won’t be getting any support ?

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No, in this case all you need is an account with them (no need to pay $) and throw your queries in their official forum, the professionals will take care of it.

Want to try out it from your end ?

  • Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
  • Compatible up to: 4.0

If you are using mailchimp email service for getting more subscribers then double opt-in feature can be selected.

Now an update has been rolled out by the team with the following fixes

  1. Fixed Title field saving issue in newly added widget
  2. Fixed Aweber signup issues
  3. Input place holder now hides text on click
  4. Fixed compatibility with other plugins using Mailchimp API

Demo page using it

Click on the more details to download this plugin

Update the pro version of the same plugin is now available

After launching the free version of wp subscribe mythemeshop is back by launching the premium version of the same with more features packed in the zip package.

WP Subscribe pro features

  • The best thing is that the plugin automatically senses when the visitors are going to leave or exit your page and shows it accordingly
  • Since its lightweight you don’t need to worry about the load that going to put up
  • Popup Trigger Control
  • Popup Animations
  • Unlimited Colors

Plugin is now updated to latest build 1.4.0

  • PHP files updated
  • JS files updated

Now you will be thinking whats the impact on page loading speed ?

We have tested other ones with same features, we say this one have very less impact on the page speed and the server load.

If we missed to tell any thing in this review, drop a comment and we will be happy to test it.

Click here to see demo page using it

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