Outline For iPad Review| Beautiful Notes Organized “OneaNote Ed.”

One of the best feature of today’s smart devices is note making. We can quickly note down our ideas or little information within our smart devices now and we don’t need to carry a separate piece of paper of paper to so. But most of the inbuilt note making apps provided by OS are not good enough and lack some essential functions like cloud sharing and some basic text editing features but do not worry as Outline by Gorillized Corporation the note making app is here. Outline can be used in note making which are organized in world’s most natural hierarchy. These notes are easily accessible from the device memory or via cloud sharing. Let us explore more about it in the below part of the post have a look.

Exploring Outline on our iPad

In this section of the post, we are going to highlight key features of the Outline note making app read the below points carefully as these points will explain the functionality of the app and to help more we are providing some snaps which we took while using the app.

1. The outline is your Digital Notebook. Users can use it to create quick notes now there is no need to carry a separate notebook. Users can adjust text styles, text size, etc. Users can write notes with the help of handwriting too provided within the app.

graphic book2. Users can add links, tables, tags, images, etc. to a note through Outline. Users can also enjoy features like the split view and side view, spell check, etc.

spell check3. The outline provides some outstanding note making experience through it users can create a separate digital notebook and can give a name and outer cover to that notebook. In fact, users can also divide notebook into different sections according to different categories.

note maker4. Users can maintain privacy for each section and use a password to use a section.

setting password5. User-friendly is developed by the Outline team so that users can easily find out recent and favorite page. ( Notes)

6. Finding notes is also very easy as users can see note by writing a phase. iOS Spotlight search feature also works very smoothly with it.

7. Sharing notes through Outline app is also a very easy task and it supports some cloud services like Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Sharepoint, ICloud Drive Google Drive, etc.

cloud storage8. If we talk about OneNote it a Microsoft note making service and Outline is perfectly compatible with its binary file format.

9. Easy Import and Export feature is also available within the app so that smooth exchange can take place between devices.

properties and sharing

So some of you may have a question like this in your mind, why anyone would use Outline over OneNote, Evernote, and Notability ?

The key difference to all those apps mentioned is the fact that Outline supports local notebooks and cloud by user choice (Dropbox, Box, and WebDAV). Compare to OneNote for Mac which only allows OneDrive notebooks. Plus the layout is eye-candy and professional looking at the same time.

Final Words

We hope now you know everything about the Outline app and will take action accordingly. As it is not, a free app users will think twice before spending money and in order to help our readers in decision making we are giving some pros and cons which we noticed while using the app. Read the below points carefully and take action accordingly.


Here is a list of pros which we would like to share with our readers.

1. Its interface is the biggest plus point associated with it. Its interface is neat and is very attractive.

2. Features like recent notes and easy search option are making user experience very good with it.

3. Unlike another app, Outline supports notes backup and sharing with some standard cloud services.

4. As users can store their notes in well organized and hierarchical way accessing notes is very easy and attractive.

5. The concept of the separate digital notebook with different sections is new and very needful.

6. The outline also takes care of privacy of its users as it allows section lock.


There is one con associated with it.

1. It is not available for Android and Windows based devices.

It is a paid app, but its price is nothing if we compare it with its features. Whether you are a student or a business person, don’t thinks twice and invest your time and money over Outline. Try it once and share your experience with us through like, comments and share.

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