Relic Seekers Comes New to Ruby Fortune

Have you been asking yourself who Lara is? Or even Indiana? If that is the case, then you’ve been playing Relic Seekers, the latest online slot game created by Pulse 8 Studios. Pulse 8 Studios are newbies in the gaming industry who under the governance of Microgaming, have made a far-fetched decent entry. The adventure has new names: Nora, Morgan and Freeman, and this is not a coincidence.

Most people have always had a craving for adventure. Every decade we’ve had a release of books, video games, or films dealing with would turn to an icon of the adventure genre. There is a reason why Indiana Jones and Lara Croft was mentioned at the start of this post.

Who is Pulse 8?


Before we even talk about Pulse 8, it is critical to point out that they are fresh-faced and that Relic Seeker is their 4th album. Nevertheless, similar to any artistic band in its embryonic stage, its success depends on the talents of the album producer. Since Microgaming is the producer is Pulse 8, success is inevitable for them.

Delve into the Dragon’s Tomb

Pulse studio 8 have gone an extra mine to craft a storyline of exhilaration and designed characters with unique personalities. The characters aren’t here to only display their face but to offer different ways to win. The whole symbol platform has been given an innovative and relevant overhaul to suit the fantasy adventure theme and storyline that Studio 8 has made. The three leading characters on the quest will certainly appeal to a massive audience by way of age and gender. Other symbols are displayed on of an eastern origin.

Relic seeker features

For most first-timers, Pulse Studio 8 handled the task with serious ambition. The most noticeable one is the number of win-enhancers offered in this casino game. The objective of this casino game is to navigate via the ancient tomb of Dragon’s Vein with the main characters to find the ultimate treasure. Arriving there might not be easy, but it’s never about the destination but the journey. Mechanical traps and any adventure staples will be available on five reels, three rows, and 25 fixed play lines. The features of real seeker include:

  • Free spins retrigger
  • Collect key
  • Free spins
  • Rolling reels
  • Symbol turn wild

Rolling reels is the procedure where a win is attained, and then the symbols that provided the win disappear and the new ones are replaced. It is a novel way of scoring an additional win at no additional charges.

Symbol turn wild happens when a gamer achieves two wins in a row. Once you win twice, you have an opportunity to win thrice. More than three Scatter symbols can only activate free spins. The task is completed by Mortas. If you gather all six keys, your wins will multiply by two. More free spins will come when you get more Scatter symbols.

Claim your treasure at Ruby Fortune

Play Relic Seeker at Ruby Fortune to seek your share of winning chances. This digital platform offers high-class entertainment together with tons of fantastic amenities that will put a smile on the gamer’s face.

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