Tips for Welcoming a New Baby During COVID-19

Parenting is the best and the most unforgettable part of life for many people’s life. We all want our children to discover the world from the best perspective. But how to do that when the Covid-19 pandemic draws it into chaos? Even though babies do not get tough symptoms as adults do, you want to keep them healthy. Here are some tips if you are planning on welcoming a baby into a new family. 

Tips For Parents

If you discover Covid symptoms yourself or even receive confirmation of a positive Covid-19 test it is not a reason to completely isolate yourself from your baby. If you are a breastfeeding mother, you need to keep feeding your baby, while sticking to general Covid-19 rules: wearing a mask or respirator, frequently washing hands, and sanitizing them as well. Also, it has not been yet proven that the Covid-19 virus can be transmitted through the mother’s milk. As we all know, milk is the first source of the formation of the immune system, so it is essential to keep it up. 


Another thing not to forget about is time outside. You might be worried that there will be many possibly infected strangers around. Just keep a safe distance. Take your baby to the park or drive to have a walk outside the city, where there won’t be many people. 

Tips For Friends and Family 


Newborn babies are the cutest and the most desirable object to play with. Everyone wants to hug, kiss, or just pet the baby. Yet, in times of Covid, we need to be careful with our wishes and obey rules for visiting newborns. The family rules remain the same as they are for other people: make them wash their hands before and after having any contact with the baby, wear masks or respirators, and also if they recently experienced Covid-like symptoms ask them to abstain from coming closer than 2 meters to the baby. Try to be polite and explain that all these rules for visiting newborns are made for the safety of your baby.

Final Take

Growing up with your newborn baby is a joyful yet not easy time. You might constantly be anxious not only for yourself but get overwhelmed with thoughts that your baby can get Covid. To acquire peace of mind you can get a Covid test to make sure you are maintaining a virus-free environment. 

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