Word Beach For Android And iOS | Best Jumbled Words Game To Take Your Vocabulary Skills To Next Level

New word scramble games are extremely popular among professionals, professors, and challenge accepting people. Testing the IQ from time-to-time is an excellent idea, so people can start working on improving it. Instead of reading books and participating in tournaments to test it, we can use our smartphone’s to challenge ourselves every day.

What is Word Beach?

Word Beach is an Android and iOS game designed for testing the mind of a person with a game. The concept of the game is word scramble, which enables the gamers to find out matching words from given options. Word Beach is a concept taken from the real-life beach game, and it has a lot of themes to make gamers brighter.

There are several levels in Word Beach, which keeps tests the gamer ability to recognize, match, and complete the level. The developer’s designed the levels differently so that no one can copy & paste the answers.

Thousands of people consider it an IQ testing game, which challenges Android or iOS consumers every single day. The educational based fun game does not involve a purchase option, so it is a free-to-use application.

How to play Word Beach Games?

I am going to start from the beginning and then keep moving on to the next level. I have noticed that there are several levels in the game, so it is not going to end anytime soon. I have also paid attention to the level’s theme, which is based on popular beaches around the world.

First, we are going to play a few games to demonstrate the interface, performance, and what it’s like to feel the game in action. I will not play for more than one or two levels, so do not worry about the spoilers.

Step 1: Launch the game and start going through the beginning steps. Ultimately, you will land on level one challenge.

Step 2: The round ball in the middle of the screen with letters works like a virtual joystick in PUBG. You have to form a letter using it, and I have demonstrated it in the first snapshot. Try to complete a sentence from the joystick-based puzzle game.

Step 3: Complete the sentence using the given alphabetical letters.

Step 4: Every time, the player completes a sentence from the given options; then they can move to the next move.

Step 5: You must have noticed that the levels have gotten a little dramatic. The bar has been raised this time, so it will take consume a few more seconds to complete the second task.

Step 6: I have completed the entire empty boxes with correct words, which will move me to the next level.

I will not reveal any more eggs further, which will ruin the fun of the game. However, we have learned a lot about the Word Beaches from the demonstration. The background of the game represents the beaches, and the puzzles come from the Hawai most frequent puzzles. The developers added a few options within the game, and tap them to understand the value of the options.

More Options from Word Beach

I think, we have to step up the game and reveal settings, options, and functions so that the players can utilize it at 100%.

Privacy Policy: I have displayed the number of permissions that users have to grant to use this application. Fortunately, privacy invasion is not a case in this game, which is a good sign.

Level’s/Vacation: You might be wondering about the number of existing rounds? I have shared a snapshot down below, and there are several beaches to the conqueror.

Settings: I have opened settings for the readers, but I have seen that there aren’t many options, which is good for beginners.

You can save the game using the FB account and Twitter account. There is an option available to reset the entire progress to start fresh.

Login Rewards: If you are someone, who login’s into the game every day, then gamer will earn rewards for it as well. Sometimes, there are a lot of things in the prize pool, so be ready to take advantage of it.

Progress: Always check the progress to keep up to the next challenges.

Word Beach is a beginning, and there are a lot of challenges to explore and conqueror.

Bottom Line

Word Beach is a free-to-play game, so you don’t have to spend a few bucks on starting playing difficult rounds. All you need is hard work with smart work, and the game is all yours. Of course, there is an in-app purchases option present within the application, but it doesn’t come in handy until or unless you are making every round using smart work.

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