Pictoword An Addictive Word Puzzle Free Game For Android | Review

There are many games present on Play Store that have become our favorite way to kill time and they are very addictive too. Especially the word games having different kind of concepts are liked very much these days. Today we’ll be reviewing one of those games called Pictoword.

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Pictoword Android game review

startupAs the name suggests, Pictoword is an Android game which challenges you to make a word or phrase from two given pictures. For example, you’ll see two images, one of sand and the other of a witch and you’ll be asked to make a single word out from those two images that is Sandwich.


Simple first puzzle

On Play Store, this game has got 4.6 ratings out of 5 which is an average of 24,650 reviews that shows how likable the game has become. Pictoword is mainly about how good you are at guessing pictures by using your vocabulary skills and try to make a word out of it. It’s a really fun and highly addictive too. At the beginning, the words that you have to make by seeing the pictures are really simple but as you go up the level, the pictures start getting quite difficult to guess which is a good thing. On every word you guess correctly, you earn 2 coins.


Coins award

There are 5 kinds of hints too which will cost you a few coins but will help you go through the level if you get stuck. They are as follows, Remove a Letter- you can remove any letter from all of the given letters shortening the number of letters and making it easier for you to guess the word. It costs you 10 coins. Reveal a Letter- Using this hint will enable you to reveal one letter of the word you have to guess and it costs you 35 coins, Reveal 1st or 2nd picture- you can see either one of the given two pictures for 70 coins, Skip Puzzle- you can skip the given puzzle for 150 coins. There is also a shuffle feature which can be unlocked for 250 coins. This game comes in three difficulty packs i.e. Easy, Hard, and Extreme targeting people of all the age groups.



The other fantastic feature of this game is that it has various picture guessing categories. There’s Guess the Celebrity which is tuned in with best and most famous celebrities letting you know how good your pop culture knowledge is. Guess the Brand category comes in extreme difficulty that has numerous famous brands, stores, restaurants, and many more that you have to guess. Movie Guess Extravaganza is another interesting category that challenges you to guess various famous movie titles. TV Shows category lets you guess your favorite television series including the infamous cartoons too. Each of these categories can be unlocked using the coins that you earn from a range of 180 coins to 480 coins. There are many other categories like guess the place in the Countries & Cities category, solve history trivia in the Historical Figures pack, and test your knowledge of nature with Animals pack. All of these categories are updated frequently and new categories are also added with every new update of the game.

picsFun games with friends let you ask for help and share tips if any of the puzzle get you stumped and your friends can help solve the word puzzle when you e-mail them for help.


Facebook connect option

There’s also a Facebook connect option that lets you ask all your friends to help you unscramble the word puzzle.

All in all, Pictoword game is a pretty good way to kill time but if you’re not much of a fan of puzzle games, you’re likely to get bored of the game at some point. Some of the words are really very easy but some of them are just too difficult to guess and when you can’t guess the word correctly, it makes the game a bit irritating also. You’re given 2 coins on every correct guess which I believe is very low. Watching video ads remain the only option to earn some extra coins. So, It should be at least 10 coins so that more coins can be saved to use hints when you get stuck on a difficult word.

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