Text Blaze Review| An Auto Text Chrome Extension To Insert Snippets, Templates & Macros In Google Chrome

We know the impact of the Internet in today’s modern world. Most people use computers to deal with their work. Yes, we all work online or get information from the web. If you are into content writing or any other profession that needs content, then Text Blaze is nothing less than a blessing for you. Text Blaze Review ensures you get the right tool for your profession. Let’s find out!

Text Blaze Review

What is Text Blaze?

Text Blaze is a free app that helps your content look more professional. Be it a blog or an email, you need to write it efficiently and Text Blaze is there to help you out. The tool uses advanced AI technology to improve the quality of your writing and removes unnecessary and repeated words from the content.

There are many types of AI writing tools present in the market to generate content automatically. Such tools come with auto commands, automated error solutions, grammar mistakes, etc. Text Blaze mimics these tools by providing an enhanced interface with a more powerful AI tool to generate professional content in real-time.

What is Text Blaze Used For?


Text Blaze is an automated content writing tool designed for both beginners and experienced ones. The tool uses AI-generated technology that uses different commands to create auto snippets. It is used by professional content writers to generate professional content without errors. It changes the phrases and helps users get the best of ideas to create error-free content.

How does Text Blaze Work?

Text Blaze is a fully automated AI text-generating tool. The tool works as per your commands. It fetches your previous data and works accordingly with the help of Artificial Intelligence Technology.

The tool works like your personal assistant in writing more curated and error-free content. It helps you generate content based on the keyword. You can even erase errors and repeated words from your blog, email, or posts with no hassle.

What makes this tool more useful for beginners is it can help them write. The tool provides guidelines to help beginners get ideas for writing the perfect content. You can personalize your writing skills by simply choosing the right options from the dashboard.

To know more about this tool, let’s take a look at the list of its key features!

Key Features:


The autopilot feature helps your content adopt automated actions as per your previous commands. The autopilot feature works along with other useful features of this tool that helps your content adopt the right things at the right time.

Moreover, this tool provides writing suggestions to the user. Users can get ideas about what to write next that is suitable to the content.


A snippet is a basic feature of this tool which is quite useful while writing stuff. The text command feature helps you generate content. The snippet feature comes in handy when you write a blog post, email, or paragraph.


The tool comes with ready-to-use templates which you can use while writing emails, blog posts, product reviews, and other forms of content. You can simply select the template of your choice and start writing.

Text Command

Text Command is yet another primary feature offered by the Text Blaze tool. Users can create their commands to write content accordingly. Commands are customizable and work with other features of this tool such as Snippets. The tool generates phrases and sentences as per your command.

White Space Eliminator

The White Space Eliminator helps users simplify their content. The feature helps users improve the readability of their content and helps it fit well per the subject. You can customize this feature from the Settings option.

Text Blaze Pricing and Plans


  • Its not available for Firefox, Safari and other non Chromium-based browsers.


Text Blaze is a great tool for those associated with the content writing industry. The tool works smartly with the list of its smart features and helps users get the best of suggestions and ideas to create more professional content. With its user-friendly interface, it is there for all types of users, be they a beginner or professional writers.

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