DunkNDash A Free Addictive Game For Android

Android is one if the best choice for the game lovers. Thousands of games uploaded onto the Official Play Store every day, and some of them are worth to play. Here is a one of such kind, DunkNDash. It is the one which challenges you timely. Below is the complete description of the it and all of the challenges, risks and fun involved in the package.

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DunkNDash For android

The game is like a political drama for votes and it entertain the game lovers with mixed fun and challenges. It is all about three votes for the upcoming presidential election. 4 politicians are back of these three votes to get the election result for them. You need to move mobile to sloping position to run far away from the politicians.

Let’s jump to the features section

• There is nothing much to discuss here. It has a clean interface, and we feel comfortable to play on our android device.
• It’s all ok, but you need to know about the game levels and the challenges which are included within the package. Let’s have an eye over every aspect of the whats packed in the package.

About challenges of the DunkNDash

• There are two major challenges to be faced DunkNDash. One is about game levels which we know about it later in brief, and other is dunking which is popularly known as the shooting of the balls (Which is termed as dunking booth here).

• Dunking Booth: You are allowed to visit the dunking booth for every two levels of the game and the options available for you at the booth completely depends on upon your previous play. Your softball score is displayed in the progress meter which is at the bottom of the left side screen. We can earn up to 4 softballs for each level, and we can earn up to 9 balls by the end.

boothballs availableGame levels: Here is everything all about the levels of this one. Let me explain you in a well-mannered way. First of all head on to the homepage and click on start to start playing. Below is the info about the levels along with its how to play guide.

levelsHow to play DunkNDash:

• As we already discussed the theme of the game, there are four politicians who run back to 3 persons for their votes. Those three votes are going to decide something for them. The people had to run through a lot of challenges, game levels and much more. If you can see, PAC treasure chests grab them quickly as fast as you can.

• I think you still remember the ape! Right? You part is to control the ape by moving your mobile as per requirements. Don’t forget the way is somewhat decorated with special effects such as a lot of obstacles, Mazes and much more. You need to be a bit careful while tilting your device. Tilt your device up to “move up” and simply tilt down to “move down”.

• If you lost your complete control over the tilting of your device, then simply use the “tilt adjust” arrows which are found on the bottom of the right side screen.

Note: Every device is adjusted with an accelerator, But the problem is it behaves differently as per the device, and you can set it up by having a good view over the up and down adjustments.

play oneplay 2Here is something you need to know and it is all about the terms and symbols you found the bottom of the progress meter.

Softball count: if you last 90 seconds within a level you can toss up to four balls at the booth.

Loser count: it’s to display the politician who can’t track the PAC Treasure chests and is about to lose.

Banana Count: PAC treasure chests have some hidden bananas. You will hear a sound with its arrival, and they can be tossed at dunking booths.

You have 90 seconds of time in each level to be away from the politicians and to keep your vote safe. For each second you remain in a level you will be awarded a point. If you had played the game several times, the recent score will be compared to the older ones and is then displayed. Have a look at the final screen below.

score final


DunkNDash is a good challenging one for the game lovers. Remember, you can play well if you stuck your device within your hands in a single position.

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