Tutu App Helper for iPhone or iPad Running iOS 11

iOS is one of the most popular mobile operating system in the world. In a recent census it was found that over 50% of the world’s smartphones are running on iOS. In reality iOS and Android have almost equal shares in the smartphone business but this doesn’t mean that both devices have equal flexibilities. iOS being a creation of apple is more secluded and is comparatively expensive. What adds more to these expenses is the innumerable number of paid apps out there. The cost of a new iDevice these days is well in the hundreds of dollars combining that with the price of all the necessary paid apps and services out there we’re going to have a highly expensive device in our hands. Many people out there are looking forward to know how they can get their hands on a service that would get them paid apps for free. Well, today we have got exactly the right application for you and it goes by the name of Tutu Application Helper.


Tutu application helper is one of the oldest and probably the most used third party app service that is out there. With over a million downloads it is one of the best apps that can be used to get the most out of your iDevices. Tutu application helper first came into the limelight of app downloads when the pokemon go game was launched. Tutu was the first ever third party app to release a fully working tweak for the game which would change it entirely. Those who were looking forward to getting all the fictitious pokemons on their phones used the tweak by tutu to quickly do so. Recently the application has diversified and now is the host to many paid apps out there for free.


Tutu has got many unique features for the people using it. Here are some that might be of great interest to all of you –

  1. Tutu is absolutely free to use with no hidden charges of any sorts.
  2. It is the home to over a million of paid apps that can be downloaded for absolutely free.
  3. If you are a fan of games then worry not because tutu is the home to all your favorite paid games.
  4. Indie apps and games can also be downloaded easily using the tutu app services.
  5. Apps that don’t make it to the official stores are also added here for users to try out. Some major examples of this are MovieBox, ShowBox etc.


If you are looking forward to getting this app on your iPhones and iPads then this is the right place. Here are the steps that would ensure you get your hands on the app very easily –

  1. Firstly, open up the browser on your iOS device.
  2. You’d be required to have an active internet connection on your iOS device for the download.
  3. Now simply type in this link -[ https://www.tutuapp.vip/ ] or you can also run a simple google search

  1. This should take you to the official website of the tutu application.
  2. Firstly you’d be required to click on the download now button on the website’s page.

  1. The download and install would start automatically.
  2. Even after the installation of the app is done you’d be required to trust the app to be able to use it.
  3. To trust the app you’d be required to accept its profile and it can be done by following the given commands. Open up Settings -> General -> App Profiles and management -> trust and accept the profile.

  1. After accepting the app profile, open up the application and you’d be required to install a Free VPN service to keep all the downloaded apps working including the tutu app itself.


Tutu application can be a great way to save some money online as it provides you with all the necessary services and apps for free. If you like certain games that are paid then also Tutu can be of great help. In short you must try out Tutu app helper at least once for all your app needs.

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