How to Turn Off Automatic Driver Updates on Windows 11

Microsoft often releases updated versions of Windows with fascinating new features and improvements to bugs. Along with the Windows Update, your Windows PC will receive and install updated versions of several device drivers. The drivers provided by Windows Update have been tested for general functioning and compatibility. In addition, the manufacturer’s website provides installation of drivers. You can manually retrieve and install driver’s in the device.

In Windows 11, you have the option to deactivate automatic driver updates if you find that updating certain drivers is causing your computer problems. You can easily prevent drivers from updating automatically in Windows 11/10. Look at the manual down here.

Is it possible for Windows 11 to automatically update drivers?

It is true that Windows can automatically update driver software. In case your computer system is old, there might be a possibility that you may not have the most recent driver for your hardware. In this case, Windows will notify you that you need to update the drivers.

Drivers are responsible for controlling your computer’s hardware and software components, which you may already know. When it comes to maintaining security in the computer, it is important to keep your drivers up to date.

Driver updates often address bugs, boost speed, and include extra layers of protection that weren’t present in previous versions.

When a new hardware device is connected to a computer, Windows will look in its driver database or on Windows Update for a suitable match. If a match is found, it will install the driver for you, and you will be able to use the device as soon as it is finished.

Even while automatically updating drivers is a wonderful thing, it also has the potential to create difficulties. The majority of the time, the drivers that come pre-installed with Windows perform well. On the other hand, issues may arise if Windows downloads an out-of-date or inaccurate driver from the manufacturer’s website.

If a driver is not installed properly, it may lead to problems such as frequent errors and system crashes, and it may even cause physical harm to your hardware. In these kinds of situations, turning off automatic updates is a vital step to take.

Method 1: By using System Properties

Step.1 Go to Start/taskbar and type sysdm.cpl in the search to open System Properties. Click the OK or Enter button.

Step.2 Select the Hardware tab in the System Properties window by clicking the corresponding button.

Step.3 Locate “Device Installation Settings” and click on it.

Step.4 Choose the “No” (Your device may not function as intended) option to deactivate automatic driver updates.

If you wish to service the automatic downloading of drivers then follow the same steps, but in the last step, select the Yes(recommended) option. This will enable the automatic driver update again.

Method 2: By using Registry Editor In Windows 11 or 10 PC

Step.1 Go to Start menu/taskbar and type Registry Editor

Step.2 Once the security prompt appears, select the “Yes” button.

Step.3 After the Registry Editor is launched, go to the following key:


Step.4 Choose “DriverSearching” from the menu on the left. Locate “SearchOrderConfig” and double-click it.

Step.5 Set the value to 0 instead of the default 1. Simply choose the OK option.

Step.6 The Registry Editor may be closed at this time.

Step 7: Restart your computer for effect.

Method 3: By using Control Panel

Step.1 Open Start menu and enter “Control panel” in the search bar.

Step.2 Locate search bar and enter “Change device installation settings” and click on it to open.

Step.3 Choose the “No” (Your device may not function as intended) option to deactivate automatic driver updates.

To enable the driver update automatically again you can choose the Yes(recommended) option.


After you have finished the procedures, you will no longer get any device driver automatically via Windows Update. This is the case regardless of whether you use the Windows 11 interface or Group Policy to make the adjustments. Group Policy is not included in the Home version of Windows 11. If you are using the Home edition, please follow Method 1 or Method 2 instructions instead. Instead, you will have to put them into place manually.

It is also important to note that if you install a driver update and then have a problem with your hardware, you may roll back the update. And since we’re already talking about doing things the old-fashioned way, why don’t you check into manually upgrading Windows 11?

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