How to Disable Sleep Mode in Windows 11 10 Best Ways For PC, Surface Laptop 2024

The sleep mode of a computer is a convenient feature that causes the screen to go dark after a certain amount of inactivity. You can save a lot of power from the computer when it is in sleep mode and continue where you left off. However, you may disable the sleep mode if you don’t want your computer to turn off after a predetermined period of time. You will learn how to disable Windows 11‘s sleep mode in this post.

Method 1: Turn off Sleep Mode using Windows Settings In Windows 11 10

The Windows Settings software allows you to adjust your computer’s many settings. There is an option to modify the computer’s Sleep settings, among other customizations. Here are the steps by which you can turn off sleep mode in Windows 11:

Step.1 To begin, launch the Settings app on your Windows 11 PC.

Step.2 Next, access the System section within the app.

Step.3 From there, locate and select the Power & battery option.

Step.4 Proceed by clicking on the ” Screen and Sleep” option.

Step.5 Finally, adjust the sleep options to the “Never” setting.

Method:2 Turn off Sleep Mode using Control Panel

Step.1 To initiate the process, utilize the Windows Search function. Type “Control Panel” and click on it. Following that, select the Hardware and Sound category from the options provided.

Step.2 Click “Power Options” option, search and click on the option labeled “Change when the computer sleeps.”

Step.3 From there, change the default setting of “Put the computer to sleep” setting to “Never” for both the “On battery” and “Plugged in” modes.

Method 3: Turn off Sleep Mode using using Microsoft PowerToys

Step.1 First, ensure you have downloaded and installed Microsoft PowerToys on your computer.

Step.2 After installation, open PowerToys and access the Awake tab in the right-side panel. After that proceed by clicking on the Open Settings button.

Step.3 Inside the Awake settings, enable the toggle switch associated with the Enable Awake option.

Step.4 Under the Behavior section, choose the Mode drop-down option and select the Keep awake indefinitely setting. Then, activate the toggle switch linked to the Keep screen option.

Method 4: Instal free application named “Insomnia” to turn of Sleep Mode

You may utilize a third-party program to prevent your Windows computer from entering sleep mode. Application like “Insomnia” allows you to prevent your computer from going into sleep mode.

Insomnia is available for download via its official download website. Then, depending on your computer’s architecture, you may run a 32-bit or 64-bit software that will block sleep mode until its window is launched.

Method 5: Install free application named “Don’t Sleep”to turn of Sleep Mode

The next option to turn off sleep is the Don’t Sleep setting. The free program disables power-saving modes, including restarting, hibernation, and sleeping. You may set a timer to turn off the system standby, activate the Please Sleep function, and so on using this program.

It may be used after downloading and setting up from the main website. Alternatively, you may use the program’s portable version on the go.

Step.1 Launch the application “Don’t Sleep.”

Step.2 Make sure the Standby/Hybrid Sleep/Hibernate option is checked under Blocking > Preferences.

The Timer tab allows you to set a timer for when you want the program to close and cease preventing sleep and other modes if you so want. Battery settings, CPU settings, and network settings are also customizable.

However, if you go to the Please Sleep section of the settings, you can instruct your computer exactly when to go to sleep. The monitor’s power settings, including an off timer, are also customizable.


If you are not working on your computer and are away for some time, the sleep mode feature will make your computer sleep until you start working again. If you find any problem with this feature, you can disable this feature.

After following these instructions, your computer will no longer go into sleep mode when you aren’t using it. Implement the method according to your wish and prevent your lovely computer from sleeping. The applications mentioned above are available free on the internet and will cause no harm to your computer.

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