What are the five characteristics of CNC machining?

You can use CNC machining to produce an item. You can do this yourself, might it be better to use CNC machining services. These companies are specialists and know exactly what they are doing. Below you can find the characteristics of CNC machining.

Adaptable and flexible

CNC machining is a process that is suitable for a wide range of components manufacturing. The new CNC machined parts can be manufactured with new programs instead of changing the machines and controller.

High precision and quality

CNC machine tools carry out the processing. They do this to CAM instructions, so there will not be any errors caused by manual intervention. Multiple measures will be taken to make sure the high precision and dimensional accuracy of the part. The machining accuracy of the machine has increased from 0.01 millimeter to 0.005 millimeter, it could even be higher now. Furthermore, the production consistency is quite high as well when you use CNC machining to produce parts.

Improved productivity and efficiency

The range of the feed rate and the spindle speed of CNC machines is larger than that of the traditional ones. Therefore, each CNC process can select the optimal cutting amount. On top of that, the rigid structure of the machine allows it to carry out strong or large cutting amounts. This will improve the cutting efficiency. There is essentially no need to readjust and recheck the CNC machine tool when the processed parts changed.

Complex parts

On top of that, CNC machining can be done to manufacture complex parts. With traditional manufacturing tools it is way harder to create the moment of a curved surface whose trajectory is more than three times. Therefore, for example, the curved surfaces of a turbine blade or a propeller can not really be created if you use traditional machines. However, this should not be a problem for CNC machines at all. This allows the processing of complex parts.

Cost-effective and economical

CNC machines and tools are not cheap, they can even be expensive. On the other hand, CNC machining technologies can save time for marking, adjusting, processing, and inspecting. This will reduce the cost directly. The machining accuracy of the CNC machines will also reduce the scrap rate, so even more cost is saved. Economic benefits are also brought by CNC machining since one machine can realize multiple purposes, including the machining center.

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