DirectX Not Installing Error on Windows 11 [WORKING FIX] For PC, Laptop

DirectX is an application programming interface library required for playing videos and audio on Windows PCs. It’s possible to get DirectX issues on Windows 11. You’ll find several workable and helpful recommendations in this post from.

What causes a DirectX error?

DirectX is usually kept up-to-date automatically. Thus, problems are uncommon, although they do arise on occasion. It’s possible that something has been corrupted in the process or that your drivers need to be updated.

There are a plethora of issues that prevent DirectX from functioning on your system. Some of the more frequent examples are as follows:

Antivirus: It’s possible that your antivirus software or PC optimizer is responsible for the DirectX problem you’re seeing while launching your game.

Corruption of game file: Your game files may have been corrupted, or worse, some crucial files may have been deleted. You may either delete the programme and reinstall it, or you may attempt to fix the game.

Unexpected bugs: Bugs might pop up out of nowhere and cause this error in games or on your PC. If this happens, try restarting the computer and playing the game again.

Fixing the problem of DirectX Not Installing Errors in Windows 11

DirectX is one of the most important libraries in Windows 11. It’s a set of APIs that can be used to do various media-related functions on Windows PCs. However, there are reports of customers encountering DirectX issues on Windows 11. Here are some helpful solutions to consider.

Fix 1: Repair .Net Framework Using the Repair Tool.

Step.1 Visit Microsoft Repair .NET Framework page.

Step.2 After visiting, click on the link .NET Framework Repair Tool. This will download the executable file.

Step.3 After successfully downloading the file, open it to run the repair tool by double-clicking on it.

Step.4 Agree to all their license terms. Click on the Next button.

Step.5 Wait until it verifies if there are any problems with the .NET Framework.

Step.6 It will display any suggested modifications that can assist in resolving the issue. Proceed by selecting “Next” to implement these changes.

As soon as you finish the procedure, check whether you are able to install DirectX on your system.

Fix 2 – Verify the recommended system requirements and the installed version of DirectX.

The issue will persist if your system doesn’t meet the recommended requirements for installing DirectX.

Following are some basic requirements to install DirectX:

  • The operating system needs to be a 32-bit version of Windows.
  • The graphics card should be compatible with the specific version of DirectX.
  • Sufficient space is required for both the RAM and CPU.
  • Installation of .NET Framework 4 is necessary.

Step.1 Launch the Run command prompt by using the Windows key + R.

Step.2 Type ms-settings:about and press Enter key to launch the System Properties page.

Step.3 Verify that your machine has the minimum requirements listed in the DirectX Device Specifications in order to proceed with the installation process.

If DirectX was previously pre-installed on your Windows computer, you may need help throughout the installation process. Follow the instructions below to check whether DirectX is installed on your computer and determine which version is active.

Step.1 In the search bar, press the Windows key and type “dxdiag” to initiate the search.

Step.2 DirectX Diagnostic Tool may be opened by selecting dxdiag from the list of results and clicking on it. This indicates that DirectX is already set up on your computer.

Stepp.3 You may figure out which version of DirectX is presently installed on your computer by using the page labeled “System.”

Fix 3 – Install Previous Version of DirectX

Previous versions of DirectX are required for certain applications to function properly on your computer. So, install the previous version of DirectX manually.

Step.1 Get the installer of the previous version from the website.

Step.2 Save the file onto your system.

Step.3 Execute the installer to install the older version of DirectX.

Step.4 Reboot your computer and verify if the issue with DirectX has been resolved.


You will no longer have any problems when attempting to install DirectX on your Windows computer, since these issues have been resolved. Hope you find a relevant solution from this article with sufficient information to assist you in addressing this problem.

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