Safari vs Microsoft Edge Which Browser You Should Choose For MAC 2024

Millions have embraced Microsoft Edge on Windows, and the browser is available for macOS machines. I have installed the latest Edge on Ventura for a brief comparison. I request readers to note down the priority list for the final decision. My comparison table comes from using Linux, Mac, and Windows. You will find a broader review that makes more sense for the Apple computer.

Apple Safari vs. Microsoft Edge: Which Has a Cleaner User Interface For Mac ?

Most Mac users have experienced the macOS user interface. Most Apple computer administrators won’t prefer an unrefined program experience. Meanwhile, Microsoft Edge is a Windows-oriented browser, but the developers have optimized the program for the macOS.

Safari is cleaner than Edge! I won’t even debate with a panel in this case. The company has taken an approach suitable for power users, but it won’t appeal to someone who prefers a cleaner look.

Meanwhile, Edge loads the MSN homepage on the welcome screen. Of course, you can change the layout by clicking the gear icon on the right side. You got four options Focused, Inspirational, Information, and Custom. The “Focused” removes useless information and displays the search bar with the favorite list.

Native Google Web Services Support

Many Mac users access Google Mail, YouTube, Sheets, Docs, Blogger, and more on Safari. I hand over the point to MS Edge because the browser uses the Chromium code. Google optimized the Chrome browser to load YouTube, Gmail, Drive, and other products faster on the native browser. You will have a better experience loading the services and uploading/downloading the files from the drive or other products.

I quit the programs from the background and launched them from the dock. You won’t see any loading speed differences because Microsoft has improved the browser for the macOS software. I have noticed a maximum of one-second difference. I am using the private mode on Safari and Edge for an equal challenge.

Loading YouTube:

I launched YouTube on Edge, which took less than three to load the recommended videos.

Meanwhile, Safari took more than thirteen seconds on my MacBook Air.

Loading Wikipedia:

Both browsers took two seconds to load the Wikipedia homepage.

I noticed similar page loading speeds on both browsers. I recommend the Edge to access Google-owned websites for a better experience.

Microsoft Edge Beats Safari Here

We shouldn’t disregard Microsoft in the Artificial Intelligence department. The multi-billion dollar company spent a fortune on OpenAI company. You can find Bing AI integrated into the search engine. The AI functions are available in the sidebar. You have no idea what you can do with the sidebar. Allow me to give you a glimpse of the functions.

A Free GPT:

I asked a question to the Bing GPT and the produced results. We can debate the information accuracy, but it is an evolving project. Safari doesn’t have such a feature built-in for modern users.

Use the Bing GPT to create emails, short notes, and messages. Unfortunately, the latest Safari version lacks the advanced GPT tool on Ventura.

Free Built-In Tools:

There is a built-in calculator, unit converter, timer, world clock, translator, QR code, stopwatch, etc. You don’t have to open a new program from the dock or launcher. All of the necessary tools are present in the sidebar.

Microsoft Edge smokes Safari from the competition by adding Bing GPT and tools.

Larger Extension Library

Most Mac users underestimate the extension library. Let me give you an example of why I don’t think Safari is a good option for users. I installed an extension to force the websites into dark mode while limiting the usage to up to five sites.

Users have to pay a subscription to unlock the premium features. You don’t have a pay a penny for the same task on Edge. There is an abundance of extensions on the Chrome Store.

Privacy & Security

Microsoft Edge took privacy to the next level.

Apple Safari has a tracker-blocking feature to block websites from following your footprints online.

However, Microsoft developers took the process to another phase. Users can control what the world can track from Basic, Balanced, and Strict presets.

You can stop all websites from tracking your movements by enabling Strict mode. You can check the online tracker’s history and find out who has kept an eye. You can add exceptions to prevent problems with a site.

Apple has done a fair job offering end-to-end synchronization among the iPhone and other devices. The MS Edge is available on cross-platforms like Android, Windows, Linux, etc.

Bottom Line

Apple never releases an unstable program or features until they have reached perfection. Until then, Edge seems a logical solution for power users. Of course, you can continue to use the Safari for daily usage. Let us know if Bing GPT changes your decision to move forward with the Edge browser.

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