4 Things to Consider to Secure Your Healthcare IT Network In 2024

You may well be knowledgeable in the healthcare industry, and you may well know how to run a healthcare business. However, what many healthcare entities overlook is the security of their IT network. This has caused many healthcare entities a lot of problems in the past, and some have even had to close their doors because they haven’t been able to afford the right security implementations. If you’re serious about keeping your healthcare IT network secure, it’s crucial you know the following things.

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The Costs for Data Breaches are Extravagant

The healthcare industry suffers from some of the biggest lawsuits when it comes to data loss. This is why it’s especially important you have the right security measures in place to prevent this from ever happening. On average, it costs a healthcare entity $363 per stolen record/data. This might not add up to so much if you’re a smaller business, but as you grow, this could cost your business hundreds of thousands.

It’s Cheaper to Hire IT Services

While some businesses overlook IT services because they don’t think it’s a cost-effective way of keeping their IT infrastructure together, you’ll be surprised to know it could work out cheaper. You could hire an individual to keep things running smoothly, but that’s going to cost you another salary, and that person may not always be reliable. You should consider looking at the likes of Medicus IT, which is a company that specifically offers IT security services and much more. Hiring such a service will give you the peace of mind of knowing your IT services are always running smoothly.

Criminal Cyber-Attacks Have Risen 125%

If you’re still looking for more reason to hire IT services to keep on top of your IT infrastructure, you should know that as technology has advanced in the last decade, and so have criminal cyber-attacks. Cyber-attacks have risen on healthcare entities alone by 125% since 2010, which should give you food for thought when securing your network. It may cost a bit to get your network up together via an IT service, but the price you pay for such services will work out a lot cheaper than hundreds of stolen records because you’ve failed to secure your network.

Your Patients Matter, Too

It’s not just for your own benefit to secure your network, it’s for your patients, too. Patients will be a lot more reluctant to opt for your services if they don’t feel you’ve done enough to secure their data. Most patients will never ask the question or even have any idea about IT security, but it’s certainly in your best interest to keep your network secure at all times.

It’s far from easy to secure a network, let alone IT services within a healthcare business. However, in this day and age, it’s absolutely crucial you have the right security measures in place, as there are a lot of hackers and corporations out there that will target your data to sell for profit.

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