How To Add Tags To Files In Windows 11 PC, Surface PRO Laptop 2024

When searching for media files on a Windows 11 computer, most users will input keywords that match the names of the files they’re looking for. However, Windows 11 provides an alternative, more adaptable file-searching method. The alternative is to tag files so they may be more easily located afterwards.

Some Windows file formats provide a different labeling system called tags. The index for Windows 11‘s search feature includes tag information. Learn how Windows 11‘s tagging system works and how to use it to locate files quickly.

Addition of Tags To Folders In Windows 11 OS

Adding tags to files is a normal function, but few people use it because of its boring nature.

We’ll utilize images in this case, but you may apply tags to any file.

Step.1 Launch File Explorer and explore to the destination where the files you desire to tag are stored.

Step.2 Right-click on a file and select the “Properties” option from the available menu choices.

Note: You may tag multiple files by selecting them all simultaneously instead of doing it one at a time.

Step.3 Once the Properties window is displayed, proceed by clicking on the “Details” tab located at the top.

Step.4 Select the Tags field and assign it a descriptive and easily identifiable name followed by a semicolon. For example, in this case, the file was named “Sports Car;” (without quotation marks). Finally to save the changes done by you click on the OK button.

Note: You can attach multiple tags to the file using a semicolon, providing additional categorization options.

Step.5 To confirm the accurate file tagging, perform right-click on the file, choose Properties, navigate to the Details tab, and check the Tag section.

Tag your files using Software named “Tag Explorer”

Step.1 To begin with, click on the Start menu and type “Microsoft Store” in the search bar.

Step.2 In the search tool within the Microsoft Store, type “Tag Explorer.”

Step.3 Select Tag Explorer from the search engine results, visit its page, and hit the Get button to begin the installation procedure.

Step.4 Once Tag Explorer is installed, open the application.

Step.5 You may add a folder containing the file you wish to tag by clicking the “Add Folder” button. You will then see the Tag Explorer window.

Step.6 In the Select Folder window, choose a directory and click on the OK option.

Step.7 Next, select the folder from the left panel in Tag Explorer.

Step.8 Select the files you want to tag by clicking the corresponding checkboxes..

Step.9 Remove the existing title of the file from the Tags text box. The Tags box in Tag Explorer can now be utilized.

Step.10 Proceed by entering a tag for the file in the text box, and then press the Return key to apply the tag.

You may now use Tag Explorer’s built-in search bar to quickly locate the desired document. Files with matching tags will be shown in Tag Explorer. Simply double-clicking a file in Tag Explorer’s results will launch it in its associated application on your computer.

How to Find Tagged Files on Windows 11 PC Laptop

Now that your files are labeled how you want them to be, it’s time to locate them in a search. Following the given step you can find a tagged file.

Step.1 Initiate by opening File Explorer. Select the folder containing your tagged files and click “Open.”

Step.2 Change the View to “Details’ using the toolbar options.

Step.3 Under the Tags section, you will find the files you have tagged. Here, we’re talking about the folder titled “Sports Car.”

Step.4 You also have the option to choose the specific tag you want, and as a result, only the files associated with that tag will be displayed in File Explorer.

Step.5 To bring the tags closer to the files, simply drag the Tags header towards the Name field.

Step.6 Irrespective of your view, you can locate your tagged files by clicking on Sort > More > Tags.


Adding tags to files increases their usability in searches. Multiple files with the same tags may be searched and found together quickly and easily. Alternatively, you may use multiple tags to increase the number of search terms that can be used to locate a single file. As a result, using search tags greatly enhances Windows 11 search capabilities.

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