AudKit Spotify Music Converter Review

Spotify is a daily driver for millions of music lovers around the world including us. You can listen to millions of tracks released by Labels, Independent Artists, and Classics like no other platform. However, you don’t have the option to download the tracks and move them to your device. Many third-party developers have launched solutions

Android WhatsApp to iPhone Transfer Backuptrans Review

iPhone is a popular product around the world for being premium goods and high-performing devices in the market. However, Apple wants to create a market that is owned by them and controlled at the same time. It is not possible without adding restrictions and Whatsapp is another example of it. Can you transfer Whatsapp Chat

Popular Apps to Use for Video Download in 2021

The invention of smartphones has significantly affected our lives. Today, we can hardly imagine spending a day with this device. We use them for all kinds of purposes, both personal and professional. We use them to communicate with friends and clients, look at and download all types of files, buy products and services, play games,

How to Download Facebook Videos [Best Easy Free Way]

Since its inception, Facebook has gain enormous popularity among the masses. It lets users create profiles, make online friends, chat via instant messenger, like and comment and connect with people all across the globe. Not only this, Facebook has also emerged as a video and photo sharing platform and have over 2.5 billion active monthly

Best Top 3 Easy Ways to Record Audio on Windows 10

There are many ways to record audio in Windows PC, and you can many free solutions to do it. I do the voiceover for YouTube videos, and I have been using many programs to record audio & later merge it with videos. After considering many aspects, I have compiled a list of audio recording software

Art Text 4: Level-Up of Marvelous 3D Typography Graphics

3D typography has been in trend for over 20 years now. The popularity of 3D text is conditioned by powerful visual means to attract consumers’ attention. With the help of graphic design software like Art Text 4, users can create text effects and 3D typography graphics to stand out from competitors and other businesses. Art

Best Free CNC Machine Software

Software for CNC machines does not have to cost the earth, and in fact there are actually a growing number of high quality free solutions available which you might consider adding to your arsenal. Of course knowing which free CNC machine software packages are the cream of the crop is tricky if you are starting

Top 10 eBook Tools and Readers

More readers than ever seem to have eBooks and choose to consume their content online versus the traditional print option. eBooks provide comfort and convenience – you don’t need to search for the current bestseller in bookstores – all you need to do is download a reader on your device and enjoy reading it. With

Best Graphic Design Software for Beginners

There are many reasons why you would want to learn to use graphic design software. For small business owners, knowing how to use graphic design software allows you to design your own logo, custom stickers, online content, and a wealth of other useful materials. Bloggers and influencers can use these to create slick content for