Best Top Residential Proxy Network With 40M+ IPs And Unlimited Connections

Proxy is a common word these days and it has become the new standard in the industry. Internet proxy is a necessity for millions around the world and it unlocks the restricted sources for the users. You can use an online proxy to access websites, search engines, and content that is not available in your country. One click will find you hundreds of solutions available in the web market and I want to decrease the burden a little.

What is Smartproxy?

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Smartproxy is a provider that has gathered entrepreneurs from different parts of the world, so they can build a strong decentralized data access platform. The Smartproxy company has 40+ million proxies in the world and you can access them to derestrict the websites and services. The company expanded to new horizons during the pandemic and they have established services that fortune 500 are loving it. Let me share vital information that might pique your interest in the proxy plans.

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Residential IP Addresses

The majority of the proxy users are coming from digital marketing, analyst, journalist, the army, secret services, and corporate users. It’s not easy to look up legit information from a proxy that is set up in the local region and there are too many unanswered questions. The residential IP address is less affected by government restrictions and gives you accurate results.

The residential IP address is private and the service routes your request through real desktop and mobile devices. So, you know the request is going through real devices and machines in the selected region.


Regional contents are available in specific parts of the country and they are geo-restricted. You can research specific markets and it’s most possible without a country server. The Smartproxy provider has 195+ locations and servers are established in eight major cities. Users can research in a specific market and fetch accurate results without worrying about miscalculation. You can select any location from the list and the location is changed instantly.

Top Countries:

a. The United States of America (1,211,835+ IP address)

b. Germany (495,000+ IP address)

c. The United Kingdom (315,000+ IP address)

d. India (9,000,000 IP address)

e. Canada (131,000+ IP address)

f. Japan (104,000+ IP address)

I have mentioned top countries only and the list keeps going on. I have listed an official number of IP addresses you have in the premium plan.

Server Response Time

The Internet has evolved in many continents and the high-speed bandwidth has reached millions of home users. Proxies are known for slower server response time and they don’t have decent download & upload speeds. It is frustrating to wait for several seconds to load the pages and the servers take time to respond to the request. Fortunately, the Smartproxy team has responded to the user’s request and they have revealed the average server response time. The proxy average response time is 3.3 seconds, and it is a decent number.

UI & Dashboard

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The UI/UX developers have designed the dashboard for beginners and they eliminated the learning curve. They have added proxy generators programs for Windows and macOS operating systems. You don’t have to spend hours figuring out the features and how to utilize a function. Of course, you have to spend a minimum of an hour learning the functions, but it’s not challenging at all.

How to generate a proxy in the dedicated Windows program?

Let me give you a quick look at the proxy generator and you can download the program from the dashboard. I will take you through the process, so you can get an idea in what’s it’s like to use Smartproxy in Windows.

1. Go to dashboard > Apps > Download Windows/macOS program.

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Install the program and open it.

2. Choose the “Residential” or “Data Center” option.

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3. Choose the country and session type.

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4. Enter username and password.

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Yes, you have to create a free account, then purchase the plan to start using the services.

5. Click on the “Generate Proxies” button.

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6. A new window appears on the screen and clicks on the “Copy list to clipboard” option.

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Open the desktop-class browser and paste the URL in it, then it will take you to the proxy page.

Bottom Line

Smartproxy is a go-to service for users, who are looking for ways to derestrict the internet. The residential proxy IP address is expensive but the datacenter proxies are cheaper and it is understandable. The company is confident in the product and they are offering a 3-days money-back guarantee policy. Let us know what do you think about Smartproxy in the comment section below.

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