Best And Top Managed WordPress Hosting For $5/ Month *Unbiased*

I know you will be amazed or confused by reading the headline of the article. Yes what you read is right as in this article we will be sharing some WordPress hosting providers that you never have heard of that offers managed WordPress hosting at just $10/MO (renewal charges are same).

So why you need this type of hosting?

  • No clueless support monkeys
  • Minimum 99.99% Uptime
  • Speed
  • Security
  • Backup

What all more factors we took into consideration other than above ones

  • No hidden price hike like others (wpengine, hostgator, bluehost) do.

Best and top managed WordPress hosting

High Speed

Well first in our list is a US based company named as Bigscoots

1. Bigscoots


Yes we are hosted here since 2014.

So firstly you will be asking is this one a shared hosting provider?

In a single word yes, with enterprise grade hardware under the hood.

Why did we give them the first position?

Some of you will be thinking that they gave us some $$$$ to place them in the first place, NO.

It’s our experience with them and till now they have solved all our WordPress related issues like

  • SSL related issues (means mixed content problem)
  • Plugin conflicts
  • WordPress theme CSS problem
  • Media Gallery problem that was caused by a malicious code in one of the WordPress theme
  • Malware clean up from one of oue website

Here are their current plans

SSD plans

Shared SSD plan

Other info

  • Business validation : Yes they have EV SSL you can check this by using Chrome or Opera
  • Server type : LiteSpeed/NGINX
  • Disk type : SSD
  • Backup : 14 days any time file restore including database
  • Control panel : cPanel or cPanel with NGINX servers
  • Email account : Yes or some $ extra for NGINX plans
  • Staging : No
  • Let’s encrypt free SSL : Not available till now
  • Money back guarantee : 45 days
  • Owner : Scott
  • System Engineer : Justin

Why they are now having exclusive WordPress plans and it’s pretty pricey too?

wp dedicated plans

Only difference we see in the above plans is that the server is NGINX, turbo charged etc

You can read our detailed review of this provider : Bigscoots review


dedicated support

This one was started by Matt Williams as a shared hosting provider offering managed service at just $2.99/MO that too with MaxCDN + WHM + Fully white labeled in all their plans. Now they have moved to only WordPress related plans.

How was our experience with them?

Matt was way too good in helping and optimizating our one of the other website and MaxCDN was also setup by him in few minutes after submitting a request to the team. In addition to these WPHS also solved some core related issues that came with plugin conflict problem.

At present

Instead of MaxCDN they are giving free KeyCDN premium features in all their plans.

So why we pushed them to the second position?

There plans pricing seems to be changing frequently but once you are signed up for a particular plan you can get a price lock and renew at the same rate as long as you are with them.

wphs plans and pricing

Other info

  • Server type : NGINX
  • Owner : Costas
  • Money back guarantee : 7 days
  • CDN : Yes free KeyCDN
  • Disk : Pure SSD
  • Backup : Anytime from the last 30 days
  • Email accounts : No, for this you can use free custom domain email feature from
  • Staging : Yes
  • Control panel : Only client side for renewal of service and support
  • Live Chat : Yes available
  • SSL : Yes free unlimited certificates are available from lets encrypt


lovable wp support

If you are new or want to try a managed service for free then one will suites you better as they are offering no strings attached service if you don’t need any custom domain.

Available plans with them


So why it is pushed to third position?

Only thing we don’t like is that we can’t increase the disk space.

Other info

  • Server : Google Cloud with NGINX caching
  • Staging : Yes
  • Threat scanning : Yes
  • CDN : No
  • Control panel : Client side only
  • Backup : Yes

If you come across any other providers who offer managed WordPress hosting providers like the ones above don’t forget to notify us.

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