Top 15 Sites like Imginn to Anonymously Download Instagram Posts or Reels

Many Instagram users have inquiries concerning the download of reels, posts, or stories. The answer is straightforward: websites like Imginn provide free material for Instagram.

It’s important to download and save Instagram photographs since, in many cases, you may forget which account originally uploaded a certain photo or story. These websites assist you in downloading Instagram posts and storing them on your device for later use.

We will describe the operation of downloading tools such as Imginn in this article. To provide you with additional options for downloading Instagram photos, videos, and other content, we’ll also introduce you to some of the greatest IMGinn substitutes.

Top 15 Sites Download Instagram Posts or Reels:

Knowing what Imginn can achieve, it’s a good idea to familiarize you with a few more free programs that are similar to it. These fantastic Imginn substitutes are perfect for your Instagram marketing efforts because they all have amazing characteristics.


Picuki - Instagram Stories Anonymous Viewer & Downloader

Despite being free, Picuki is mostly used for Instagram. With this technology, capturing pictures should be easier than it has ever been. You can update your profile on Instagram and search for users, places, stories, tags, posts, and profiles. You have access to your friends’ social media profiles, so you can see what they are up to.


Scener - @smihub

Another choice is Smihub, a popular website with a ton of features. Like Imginn, you can browse anonymously via strangers’ Instagram stories on this platform.

You can allegedly see posts, stories, reels, and profiles anonymously on SmiHub. Download Instagram photos and videos. Enlarge and save your profile images.


You may browse and view Instagram images from anybody you choose with InstaStories. All you have to do is enter the required username into the search window by pressing the search button on our anonymous Instagram browser.

Just enter the necessary username in the search box, and the system will take care of the rest. You can save usernames to your favourites list so you can access them right away.

4K Stogram

4K Stogram Review: Download Instagram Photos And Videos Easily

With 4K Stogram, you can easily download Instagram stories, accounts, hashtags, and locations for free without having to spend anything. Do you want to get stories, images, and videos from people on Instagram? For you, 4K Stogram is available.

By using this website, you can download the image of your choice from a variety of Instagram profiles.

Instagram Scraper API

An application that uses Imginn is Instagram Scraper API. One of the greatest apps for improving accessibility in users’ life, it can gather data in real-time from users’ preferred public Instagram profiles.

To be more precise, the computer searches the internet and stores publicly accessible Instagram data in a database. On the website, you may conduct extensive research and discover a great deal about anyone’s public profile. A script or webpage providing JSON support may be used by the user.


As we’re talking about reading or downloading stories, this program allows you to browse and download them anonymously from the people you choose. Nothing can be downloaded or viewed without alerting others to the fact that you have been stalking them.

Its main objective is to easily identify your stalker and find out who has viewed your profiles. With no evidence left behind, you can surreptitiously watch and follow Instagram users’ tales. It identifies the person who stalked you so you can find them.


An additional accessible option for Imginn is Storiesig. This anonymous Instagram viewer allows you to browse, download, and store Instagram stories. It is compatible with every device available in the market.

Given its many benefits, this is a popular substitute for Imginn. Viewers of Instagram Stories won’t ever know that you viewed it. Additionally, the user’s privacy will be safeguarded.


FastSave allows its users to view and download videos and photographs from their Instagram accounts without having to pay for anything. Fastsave – Repost Photo Videos is a popular app for following people on Instagram by their IDs.

Using this software, you may download Instagram posts, stories, videos, and photographs to view them instantly offline. Reposting the images or videos only requires a few clicks. It provides quick download times and simple browsing for your downloading requirements.


With the help of the tool Gramhir, both Instagram users and non-users can view and examine accounts. It facilitates using and viewing public Instagram profiles. It will assist you in learning everything there is to know about the profile.

Like Imginn, the website is absolutely safe. Additionally, the user will be able to view their profile and obtain details such as the kinds of Instagram posts they find appealing.

Websta for Instagram

Websta for Instagram is the next website you may find in the Imginn list. You may view the Instagram posts, stories, and other stuff that your friends have published using this social networking app.

It is only one among the several apps that are expanding swiftly. It’s one of the greatest and most helpful websites, according to millions of users. It is compatible with and usable on all devices.

You can utilize, an Instagram downloader, as a substitute for Imginn. It’s among the greatest and most comprehensive downloaders for Instagram. You can save Instagram highlights, images, and stories to your phone or computer with just one click.


There is nothing like this service elsewhere. It’s a valuable feature that not many websites offer: the ability to view both public and private Instagram stories.

All you need to do to utilize Qoob Stories to follow an Instagram account is enter the account’s username, just like you would on other platforms and websites.

And finally, is a website similar to Imginn. However, you may quickly and simply save, store, and view Instagram stories and highlights online with this substitute. Navigate to Instagram and look up the username of the individual whose story you wish to save.

With the help of our strong Instagram downloader, you may obtain excellent stuff. Video downloads are quick and simple with our safe substitute for Imginn. The user won’t require access to her Instagram account to use this feature.


SnapInsta is an app that lets users download reels, images, IGTV, and videos from Instagram to their devices. It is similar to Imginn in this way. All kinds of Instagram photos and videos can be linked to the platform.

It is a powerful Instagram downloader that will give you high-quality content. This Imginn alternative makes it easy and quick to download videos safely. The user won’t have to know how to access her Instagram account.


There are certain clear elements unique to this website. Users can use GPS to find the location of their Instagram account. It contains numerous more pieces that are simple to utilize.

Both new and current users can access the basic capabilities for free. It has significantly more features than Imginn other from that.


You should familiarize yourself with various user-friendly websites like Imginn if you wish to download Instagram posts, stories, videos, and images. You may quickly obtain the download link for Instagram videos and videos on these platforms by pasting the link.

A lot of these websites can also be used to browse Instagram stories anonymously. A common question among users is if Imginn can be used to view or download Instagram stories. The response is emphatically NO.

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