Best Top Logless VPN Extensions For Google Chrome | Windows 10 And Mac

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Google Chrome is currently the largest browser in the world. The design and the features in the Google Chrome have attracted millions of people around the world. The Google is making its way to the top. Chrome has also opened their store so that they can support the users with the latest extensions and services.

Mozilla has also started their initiative, where they have released a browser that is much lighter than the Chrome. The time will tell how beneficial the Mozilla Quantum is going to become, but we have chrome which has plenty of extensions.

Best Logless VPN for Google Chrome

Virtual private network is also known as VPN, which plays a crucial role in browsing and networking. There are several benefits when you have a VPN within the browser. A layer protection will be added to your browsing, and it will benefit you in many ways. However, every company has their set of rules, which includes registration and take a lot of time to set up.

1 Betternet Unlimited Free VPN Proxy

Betternet is a free proxy service, which enables you to access blocked websites in your region and banned sites in your country for free-of-cost. Betternet is an easy to understand and navigate, and the user-interface enables the non-technical people to use it efficiently.

Features of Betternet:

  1. The download speed is average because it is a free proxy that does not generate any revenue.
  2. You can access any blocked or banned website from your location.

  1. The security of the link between your IP and the Betternet server is average, which means the protection is not secure. When you visit a malicious site or bad site, this service will be guardless against it.

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2 Tunnello VPN – Unblock, Ultra-Fast & Secure!

Tunnello is one of the most popular one in the industry. They are doing a fabulous job over the past few years. The extension is a log less free-one, which is reliable and also provide exciting features with the free version. The primary motive of the extension is to give free-version and try to convert the users into premium users.

Features of Tunnello:

  1. The Tunnello does not keep any logs because they take privacu very seriously.

  1.  The number of locations existing in the Tunnello is many so that you can access any blocked or banned site in your region.
  2. The Tunnello has average security, which does add a protection layer when visiting the sites. However, it cannot help you against the hackers.

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3 ExpressVPN

Cyberghost chrome extension was a popular solution back then, but they have discontinued now. However, another company called “ExpressVPN” is currently providing similar service like the Cyberghost.

The game plan is straightforward, and they are making their services for free-of-cost for a certain period of time, then you have to pay for it.

Features of this service provider:

  1. The first thing that everyone needs to know is that their service is not entirely for free-of-cost.
  2. The best feature is that this one comes with more than seven locations (United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, France, Canada, Netherlands, and United States.)
  3. The areas will help you bypass any block or banned the site, which is the best part of the VPN.
  4. The most important factor of the VPN is that the security is good.
  5. The speed also matters the download, and upload speed of this one is above average. In simple words, no matter which package you have subscribed the speed good (75Mbs).

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4 Free Residential VPN | Tuxler

Tuxler is an upcoming VPN for chrome extension. The VPN is offering wide-range of features and exciting functions.

Features of Tuxler:

  1. A considerable number of locations to browse and unblock servers.
  2. The locations are based on the precise city.
  3. The Tuxler is advertisement free, and you can browse unlimited using the VPN.
  4. The security of the Tuxler is decent, but it cannot help you with the talented hackers and tracking codes.

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Here is also a video of the need of such a service to safe guard your online privacy


Chrome store has plenty of extensions, which are not only competitive but also offering us variety of features. Let us know what do you think about the list in the comment section below.

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