Best Sports to Bet in the US and Most Authentic Site to Trust the Odds

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OddsUSA is on those websites that aims to help American sports bettors to gain an edge on the competition with plenty of helpful resources to improve their chances of beating the point spread. Understanding the odds – from who sets them to how they are moved during the week depending on various factors influencing any given game – gives bettors a clear advantage over the competitors and helps them level up the playing field between them and multi-million dollars sportsbooks.

More About OddsUSA

Not on global soccer leagues, OddsUSA covers betting for nearly every major American professional sport as well as college sports. It digs deep down to crack the factors surrounding each event and betting odds and trends for every match. OddsUSA also seeks help of bettors to find most intuitive sports betting markets and sites, letting you shop around the best odds that might favor your pick.

Which are the Best Sports for Betting?


One of the best things about OddsUSA is that it features reviews of major gambling websites in the united states to guide readers through the world of sports betting. Sports gambling is in a tenuous state in the US. Many sportsbooks are available in just a few states. It provides reviews and guides to help the bettors find sports betting markets and navigate through the pros and cons of every betting odds website. Some of the popular betting sports in USA are:


Betting on NFL is immensely popular among the Americans Bettors. Each team plays 16 games in a year and the games are played once every week. This gives gamblers a chance to do proper research ahead of time and use ever-changing betting lines to find the most favorable odds. The betting picks up during the playoffs and in Super Bowl, where millions of bet are put on a single game covering every aspect of the event.


NBA betting is also very popular in the US, a special thanks to the boom that sportsbooks have experienced post the Supreme Court has lifted federal ban. NBA is season is much longer and condensed than MFL in which 30 teams play 82 games each. Sometimes, the teams might rest for several days and others play consecutive games back to back. The bettors can bet on different events that happen during the four quarters of the game.


MLB is a league in itself. It has a 6-month long season and teams play every single day to complete 162 games. MLB provides more opportunities and better chances to bet on the games. Another great benefit of MLB is the slow pace of play, providing you even more opportunities to bet that basketball or football. You have the choice to bet on literally every individual in the playing field. The wagers are done on the moneyline that determine the ratio of payout to the initial bets.


Soccer is gaining rapid popularity in the United States, both in terms of MLS and international leagues. Along with MLS, OddsUSA covers La Liga, Premier League, Italian Serie A, Europa League, European Champion League, Italia Serie A, and Bundesliga. You can bet endlessly picking the right odds.


The betting odds of NHL are very similar to baseball as it uses 1.5-goal puck-line. Otherwise, it’s similar to NBA with 31 teams playing 82 games in six months. The playoffs are featured between 16 teams and run over for a month until the Stanley Cup finals. Of course, betting picks up during the playoffs, but bettors can make enough money during regular season if they play wisely.


When we talk about sports betting online, the NCAA action is limited to basketball and football, though the college baseball and hockey playoffs can be money-making opportunities. The college football odds are similar to NFL. The point spreads are much higher because the differences in team strength among 129 NCAA Division I teams is much greater. NCAA is one of the hardest sports to bet as the outcomes are unexpected. College basketball playoffs are the biggest draws of the year and a lot of money is involved.

The Bottom Line

Betting is all about luck. But you need to use your brain while selecting the odds and placing to bet to win. OddsUSA will guide you through your betting journey and will help you maximize your chances of winning a bigger amount.

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