Imgur Offers Unlimited Free Space For Your Photos | Cloud

Imgur now offers free unlimited photo storing in the cloud following their sixth birthday today. What’s more ? you can get every pro ( which was first introduced on their first anniversary )features that previously came up with a price tag of $23.95 per year is also offered free for its users around the globe.

What you get from Imgur today onwards for every user ?

  • Unlimited photo storing
  • Multiple thumbnails option namely original, small square, big square, small, medium, large, huge thumbnail on all upload
  • Analytics and referral traffic to your images, to access it, all you have to do is select a picture that you uploaded and switch to stat tab that you can see right next to the image tab on the pop-up within the window.
  • Now you can comment, vote and share
  • Edit with tools powered by aviary.

So what’s their new model of revenue ?

It’s simple from now onwards everyone will see an ad on the right side bar.

What about the users thats already subscribed to the pro version in the past month ?

According to sources, you will get refund either in your PayPal or Google wallet account.

It’s also to be noted that few weeks ago they have rolled out a new tool called Video to GIF which lets one to create a muted 15 seconds video with an optional caption on the go just by pasting the url from any video sharing website ( supported over 500 websites )into the form given in the homepage itself. After adding the url just sit back and relax, let their servers process your request.

Moreover you can even upload, see, share and edit photos from the smartphone and tablets by using their official android app ( recommended) or by using the ones created by third-party which can be easily downloaded from the Google play store. For iOS users they will have to wait a little bit. For desktop users Windows only there is a wide range of application available, like you can right click on an image and send it your cloud account. For the users of OS X you guys can download the widget. Firefox and Chrome Extension makes it easy to the images to your space right from the browser with a few clicks and the saved one open in a new window. For web-masters out there using self hosted WordPress, plugin helps you to save bandwidth by adding pictures from this service.

With the recent update, it possible to embed your pics or albums anywhere. Yes the its now responsive too, means images look good when its viewed from a mobile device.

So how ?

Just click on the “options” and get the embed link for sharing around the web.

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