ATS: Sports Betting App, Odds And Bet Tracker App Review

ATS, or Against the Spread is the No. 1 sports betting app that is available for free allowing you to do betting matchups, track picks and live odds. You can bet on different leagues by checking score predictions, betting odds, consensus and handicap matchups. Apart from that, you can pick the winners during the match, build streaks and win prizes. The application is available on Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore to download. Let’s learn more about the app.

The Inception of ATS

When just being fine is not good, you have to take the things in your own hands, and this precisely led to the inception of the ATS app. There are numerous applications available for sports betting that are just fine. They even work and do what they are supposed to do. But there was nothing much for people to come back and forth to these apps. So, ATS was founded after the team researched going back to the traditional and relevant sources on the internet for betting odds and stats.

The team at ATS then decided to put heads together and create what they wanted to see from the competition. The ATS app now have everything that you need. All bets can be tracked by you. You can even track all your bets and see the odds at different sportsbooks, not just on the individual games, but even the futures. You can even view the detailed statistical breakdowns of the matchup between two teams.

There is a social element of betting on sports and that was what needed to be implemented. You can follow different users and get the notifications on their picks. You can even trade messages back and forth about the games, bets and life in general.

The goal of the app is to answer and search queries and questions that the bettors have. Find out which betting odds have the bets odds. It’s easy to read and simple to navigate through the tables allowing you to scroll and check the odds at different sportsbooks and see where the lines are moving since the opener. Let’s learn more about the App.

Registering with the ATS App

Download and install the app on your smartphone. Once you have downloaded the application, open the app on your device by clicking on its icon. It will ask you to register.

Enter you details and simply click on the ‘Register’ button. If you have trouble in registering or want to learn more about the app, click on ‘Need Help’.

Once you register and activate your account, you can login and then navigate straight away to the dashboard.

You can now choose one which sport you want to bet or put your money on. Start with selecting one of the sports in the list.

The app will list down the ongoing and upcoming matches to give you a brief where you can bet now and in future. Apart from this, you can check ‘Future’, ‘ATS’, ‘Odds’, and ‘Standings’.

You could see that you can bet on future matches. The match should either be starting up or should be ongoing if you wish to bet.

Before you start betting, it is recommended to check the ‘ATS’, ‘Odds’ and current standings so that you can predict well and win good.

You can then ‘Make a Pick’, select the rates and simply tap on ‘Place Bet’. Now, wait for the results and fancy your chance of winnings.

What are else?

  • You can get the live odds from more than 7US and offshore sportsbooks, including the game, first half, quarters, periods, totals, moneylines and more.
  • You can even check the opening and current future odds from the Major US sports.
  • You can make the picks against the spread daily, win 6 in a row and even get an ATS T-shirt, win 7 or more in the row, win free cash and do a lot more.
  • ‘Make a Pick’ to play, watch a quick 30 second video and submit. Play as often as you like.

The Bottom Line

ATS sports betting app makes it easy for you to do sports betting on your favorite sports and win big money by predicting the results right. You can check out current standings, ATS and the odds before you actually place the bet.

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