Improve Your Customer Experience Ratings with Digital Tools

Nowadays, every business has an element of eCommerce to it, that being the ability to sell products over the internet. Whether it is the main point of your business to stick solely to online purchases, or it’s a supplement to your initial business plan, or you are an influencer selling merchandise, there is that eCommerce side to most businesses. However, the thing that made eCommerce possible, the internet, also has made customers’ voices louder. Therefore, it has become more important than ever to put customer satisfaction first and foremost. Bad reviews result in a stall in revenue at best, so making products their best, customer interaction at the top of its level, and shipping quick and affordable, are all elements that will allow your business to grow.

If your business is involved in eCommerce in anyway, you should take a look at these online tools that will help your customer satisfaction and therefore allow your business to grow.

Fraud protection

It’s a tale as old as time that selling products to customers is going to attract a few bad apples. In the past these people were called shoplifters or scammers, but today they are using online stores’ customer policies to gain from online businesses. The most basic example to think of is people who are returning their clothes after they have been worn to a function, but there are other examples of fraud like using a stolen credit or bank card.

The meaning of AVS mismatch is merchants can verify the buyer is the rightful cardholder by cross-referencing the billing address with portions of the billing address on file from the card issuer. Customers who gain a rejection from AVS mismatching are likely using a card that doesn’t belong to them.

You can avoid disputes from customers with the fraud protection platform, Riskified. Riskified verify and approve online transactions and will grow your revenue by taking on fraud liability to reduce costs.

Less disputes, or customer issues being handled quickly by a third party will mean that you gain more happy customers and lose the attention of bad apples looking to scam. Your reviews will go up, which in turn will aid your profits and grow your business.

A superior website

A website is hugely important to customer satisfaction. Today, it is odd for any size of a business to not have a website that emotes professionalism, and if they don’t appear professional, that will put customers off. A website reflects the quality of the product and business, so at best a customer looking at a shoddy website might assume that the product is not up to scratch, and at worst they might just think your business is a scam.

Therefore, it is important that everything in your website, from its functions to its graphics, are as impressive as possible. Your content must not only look good but offer up the information the customer is looking for, plus what they don’t know that will convince them to buy. On the other hand, a website must never have glitches that might impede the sales process. If the path a customer takes from product selection to “confirm sale” is blocked by a bug, you will have lost a sale.

But that is just the basics. Using a website builder like Wix will allow you access to a lot of website features that enhance the customer experience. You can add a booking process if your business is in fact a service or appointment based, like restaurants. Or you can add a blog on the site to inform customers of the uses and wider aspects of using your products or services.

Smart tech

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s a universal need amongst customers to make the Christmas shopping as easy and stress-free as possible – and it’s not an easy thing to achieve. If you have a physical premise where you sell your products, no doubt you are preparing, if only mentally, for the rush of customers that will be coming through your door.

You could use a good amount of help from smart technology. Smart tech is defined by “Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology” and is usually identified by a link to your smart phone. It has lots of applications but in businesses the most obvious one is the contactless payment method.

Contactless payment machines are popping up everywhere, given the world’s sudden appreciation for good hygiene is causing people to abandon germ-infested coins and notes. Once considered too out there as a concept for only the big businesses with cash to spare, even your local café’s giving you your morning rolls are embracing the contactless payment machines. And it doesn’t hurt that they have become a lot more affordable lately. On the lower end of the scale, a contactless payment machine might only set you back as little as $30.

But the most attractive part to your customers is the quickness of the item. They can simply tap and leave, getting on with their day and allowing you to keep tackling that growing queue behind them.

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