hide.me VPN vs. CyberGhost Windows 10,11 Comparison

Virtual private network is what known as VPN, which is a simplified term that has been used by millions of people around the world. There are several reasons for the people to use the VPN but almost everyone has one thing in common, they want to access websites that are blocked or banned in their respective country.

You can find thousands of solutions online, and the majority of them are not good and safe as they claim. In the end, you end up getting hacked, or your IP will be banned by some of the websites with better tracking solutions.

Hide.me vs. Cyberghost VPN

Hide.me and Cyberghost is one of the favorite Virtual Private Network in the industry. We have been using the Cyberghost chrome browser extension till they have planned to discontinue it.

We are going to compare and why you should go for the Hide.me or Cyberghost service. We are going to split the decision making the part of advantages and disadvantages. Also, we are going to look at different factor so that you can decide which one to select.

  1. Download the Hide.me from here [ http://hide.me/ ]- The company is offering a trial version.

  1. Download the CyberGhost from here [ https://www.cyberghostvpn.com/en_US/ ]- The free-version is available for CyberGhost.

*1 Advantages of Hide.me and Cyberghost

We are going to make a list of advantages of the


  1. They are offering free-version that is good for primary users. Thousands of users use the IP address in the free-version, so tracking you back would be difficult for the hackers when the security is enabled.

  1. As you can see below that the number of features is highlighted in the snapshot. (When there are plenty of people using the free version, then you have to wait in the queue. You have to purchase the premium version for more.)

  1. In next one or two minutes, you will be connected to the free-VPN. You have to be patient.

  1. We have tested the speed on the Fast.com to check whether the download speed is to the mark. The result was “okay,” it wasn’t that great, but the Cyberghost has said that on the premium version you have nothing to worry about it. We are testing it with the free version.

Security: Cyberghost has decent security patches, which will block the hackers and website trackers to track you back, whenever you visit a website or a blog.

As you have seen in the free version, the number of locations were limited due to the package, but the browsing experience was decent.


  1. The company is providing the free-trial version for a specific period.  You get 500MB of data and all premium options until the 500MB of data is finished.

  1. You get three locations in the trial version, and you can see the number of locations available for the premium users.

  1. In an instant, the connection between the VPN and my PC connected and the speed is decent as well. However, it is lesser than the Cyberghost.

  1. Using the popular speed test website, we were able to find out interesting points. The speed was fair and nothing special to talk about it.

Security: This is something the company has to think about it because we are not satisfied with the Hide.me.

*2 Disadvantages of Hide.me and Cyberghost

We are going to reveal some of the exciting points we have noticed in these programs.


  1. Our Internet package is 30MBPS, and the speed the VPN is giving us is less than 2MB. Thats way too slow compared to other VPNs.

  1. The IP’s used in the process are blocked by several websites already.


  1. We are incredibly disappointed by the Hide.me because the Speedtest.net was able to track my city name within a second. That’s a security leak, which we cannot allow at any cost.

  • We have already mentioned about the speed, and the Internet speed is less than Cyberghost free-version.

We are not endorsing any of the VPN’s here, and these statistics are from our test we have conducted to check the reliability and security.


The results were quite unexpetcted but the Cyberghost has done a better job than the Hide.me. Security is one of the important aspects of any VPN, which the company has failed to prove. We would love to know your opinion in the comment section.

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