Qcktag Android App For Saving Temporary Contacts Review

       qcktag featured imageQcktag is one of the new android app that lets you to save the unknown numbers for a temporary time and helps to keep up the numbers that are only need for a long time in your phone contact list. After reading the above we know that some of you have still not got it. Consider you have a call from the courier person for the online purchase that you have made, some of you may save it in your phone contact list and if you are going to add numbers like this you know how big your list would after a year or so.

To get the idea clear we are attaching a screen-shot below


Temporary numbers

Qcktag temporary contacts android app review and features

  • After installation from the Google PlayStore Qcktag will start to check the numbers for tagging the unknown ones that you get in the form of incoming / outgoing calls, incoming /outgoing sms

Note : You should try to call from a number that’s not in your contact list or go to preference and un mark the “unknown numbers only”

  • Unlike many other free apps this doesn’t come packed up with ads in the free version, the only limitation is that the tags are restricted to 6. You can upgrade to the premium version by just paying small amount of $2
  • One click backup and restore of the saved tags without browsing where it’s stored
  • Search option at the top helps you to find the desired tag swiftly if are using more 6 tags

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  • Notifies you from the notification bar according to the settings that you have saved in the preference
  • Support android wear
  • Ignore list is the latest addition in the package with which you can add the numbers so that the application won’t ask you to add a tag. This feature requires you to have Kitkat and above

Qcktag android app in action


Notification bar


Pop up to fill the desired name


Adding a tag


Options for that number


Preferences tab

options to add



Settings continued


Caller ID


The only one we found was that the tagging pop-up wasn’t coming on tapping the number in our ice cream sandwich powered device.

Resource usage

Phone used for testing : Xperia Ray with ice cream sandwich

The apk package which is 2 MB unpack to 3 MB as shown in the picture below


Disk usage

Ram one

Ram consumption

Other info

  • Version : 1.4
  • Requires : 2.2 and above
  • Pro version : Yes

Try it from the link below

Download now

Final Thought

This one seems to be pretty good and get thumbs up from our review team

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