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If it is some motivation and inspiration that one needs to deal what is going on in their life, Shine – Daily Motivation application is just the perfect destination for them. The application, probably the best in terms of providing some on-the-go motivation, has been helping the users to deal with the tough times and has been setting their spirits high. The application is a one stop destination for getting inspirational quotes, articles, music tracks that prove to be highly crucial in boosting up the moods of the users. The application is compatible with the iOS version 10.0 and above and has already managed to have a strong and happy user base.

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The following are some of the features of the Shine application that makes using the application a charm:

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  • The application is a perfect solution when there is a lot of trouble going on in the user’s life. If they are stressed out, getting bored due to the non-talks from a friend or is confused about what to do further, they just have to make use of the Shine application. The application has over thousands of music tracks to choose from which would definitely give a mood boost to the listener. There are songs available as per the moods of the users and as per what is going on in the lives of the people using it. Listening to the tracks on the Shine application would definitely have a magical effect on the minds of the users.

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  • The Shine texts do not need any introduction. Shine texts have been proved to be one of the best motivators for the netizens in today’s world. The users can subscribe to the text service from Shine and get to enjoy the essence of the Shine texts. They would just love the thoughts and meanings that are expressed through these texts and would long for even more. The Shine texts are a proven way to give a new day a fresh and power packed start. In fact, these Shine texts tend to make the users early risers which is a blessing in disguise all by itself. These texts tend to enhance the emotional well being of the users to a great extent.

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  • The Shine application has a community of about a million users worldwide. This large user base has been termed to be highly inspirational for the new people since they can get the required inspiration from different corners of the world. This highly cooperative global community of the Shine application has enhanced the usability and the level of features on the application to a great extent.

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The application is available both in a paid and free version. The application also has a trial period for the new users and if they get moved by the features they can opt to pay the subscription charges.

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The Shine application provides the users with two types of subscription plans. The first type is the monthly plan and the users need to pay $7.99 per month as the subscription charges monthly to continue using the application regularly. The other type of subscription plan is where the user needs to pay the subscription charges annually. This is charged to them at $4.99 per month which amounts to $59.99 when paid annually.

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Note: The users may take a note that these charges are for the people in United States and the charges for other countries might vary as per fluctuations in USD.

The subscription plans on the Shine application are renewed automatically without forcing the people to make any additional renewal charges over the regular subscription charges. However, the users need to turn on the auto renewal option on their application to get access to this feature. If the purchase is confirmed, then the user is charged automatically to their iTunes account.


  • No app for Android OS 🙁


Shine – Daily Motivation application is a great option for all those who urgently require a ready reckoner by their sides. The application has received great reviews from various user forums owing to its high utility and the features that the users get. Be ready to shine in your respective lives using the benefits of the Shine application.

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