Popularity Of Online Games Today For Smartphones

playing manSince ages people love to play games online as it give them a chance to play or compete with a real human being. Games like online Casino, Cricket, etc are really popular among people. In today’s world, everyone is carrying a smartphone. From 5 years old kid to 80 years old uncle everyone loves using and carrying a smartphone. With the advancement in the field of phones and communication (we are referring Internet here) people have shifted from computer to mobile phone. In today’s world a mobile phone can perform all the basic functions of a computer effectively and efficiently. User can use a smartphone for watching movie, playing online games, surfing, streaming videos, etc. Due to drastic change in technology there is a drastic change in the nature of people. Now a day’s people prefer smartphone over computer to play games online as they are easy to carry, easy to use and is easy to hold.

There are various reasons due to which users prefer smartphones over computers to play games online few of which are as follow have a look.

1. Smartphones are less expensive as compare to computers. To play some online game’s user have bought expensive graphics cards whereas in smartphone graphics cards are built. No need to buy a separate speakers system for music, just play game on mobile phone and enjoy the music.

2. Smartphones are easy to carry as compared to computers or laptops. A smartphone can be fixed in a pant pocket and hence users can carry it anywhere and can play games from Internet when ever they need.

3. A Smartphone is easy to handle as compare to computer as it small and easy to carry due to its light weight and hence user can play it more effectively on it.

There are many games available in the market, we will tell you top 5 online games have a look to below list.

chess1. Online Chess: Yes, people love chess, there are various platforms or apps available through which a user can play online chess with a real human being. There are various smartphone chess games that support login through social networking sites like Facebook, Google Plus, etc. so that users can connect with their friends and can play with them.

online2. Online Casino: Everyone likes going casinos, playing casino games with friends, but it is not always possible for all to be available. But don’t worry carry your own casino in your pocket. There are various casino games for smartphone available in the market. Download casino app and play casino whenever you want, wherever you want.

pool3. Online Pool: Play pool with your friends or with anyone. There are lots of smartphone apps that support both online and offline mode. Whenever net is available play with your friends otherwise play with the computer.

ville4. Online Simulation Game: Now a days simulation games like FarmVille, Clash of Titans, etc. are really gaining popularity among smartphones users. These types are highly addictive.The user has to perform several tasks on a daily basis which make these types more addictive and engaging.

racing cars5. Online Car Racing Games: Racing games are also gaining popularity among smart phone users as these games not only give them a chance to play with their friend but, these games also give a better gaming experience like motion sensors, etc.

puzzle6. Online Flash Games: There are various websites that gives a platform to play various flash based ones. These are light, easy to load with simple graphics. But these are very addictive and some of these are air hockey, bird hunting, puzzles, low graphic cricket, basketball, baseball, etc.

With each day technology is advancing, sizes of devices are also decreasing, old devices are getting replaced by new and more effective devices. And one day this mode of game playing will also replace by another mode of game playing which would be more effective and interesting. Hope you like this article about Popularity of online games today for smartphones. Please share your thoughts with us through like, share and comments.

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