Best 5 Fast VPN For iPhone 13 Pro, Pro Max 2024

Got yourself a brand-new iPhone 13 Pro, Pro Max? Looking for a reliable VPN service to use on your iPhone 13? If you are searching for the best VPN to use on your iPhone 13 which provides super faster speed and the best of security features, then here’s the list of the Best 5 High-speed VPNs for iPhone 13 for you.

A VPN service can provide the much-needed security with a bunch of extra features such as geo-restriction removal, extra servers, faster speed, uninterrupted connection, and more. All of these features help you explore the web and other services on your iPhone well. Let’s check out the best VPNs for iPhone 13 Pro, Pro Max now!

Best 5 High-Speed VPN for iPhone 13

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the top-rated virtual private network service providers in the world. The service provider provides reliable VPN service for computer users and mobile devices. What makes this virtual private network service stand top on this list is it provides top-notch features to use on your iOS device.

NordVPN is known for its security features. The company provides the industry’s top-notch security features to safeguard your device from hackers. It also prevents your device from attracting to suspicious activities and sends notifications upon identifying such activities.

Moreover, the service will not put a hole in your pocket as it is one of the most reasonable virtual private network provider services for iOS devices. Yes, you can install NordVPN and set it up on your iPhone 13 also.

Get NordVPN for iPhone 13

2. Surfshark-VPN

Surfshark is yet another popular choice for iPhone users. The VPN service from Surfshark comes as a mobile app for both Android and iOS users. Users of iPhone 13 can get the Surfshark app installed on their devices to use it for different purposes.

Surfshark provides unlimited connections simultaneously on multiple devices. It can unblock geo-restrictions from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, BBC, Amazon, and all the other popular online streaming services.

What makes the Surfshark virtual private network different from others is users can use its services on multiple devices simultaneously with the same login credentials. Moreover, you can avail of the premium services of Surfshark at just $2.49 per month. Get it now and try out the service with its trial version now!

Get Surfshakr for iPhone 13

3. ExpressVPN

If you are searching for a premium-end virtual private network service for your iPhone 13, then ExpressVPN is the right option for you. Unlike the above-listed VPN services, ExpressVPN is a bit expensive; however, the service offers you the best of services which makes it a worthy choice for iPhone 13 users.

Express-VPN is compatible with all types of computer systems and mobile devices. The service is known for offering the fastest speed with utmost security to devices. Express-VPN has servers located in 160 locations across the world. The download speed can reach up to 100 Mbps.

It is also known for providing the best customer care support to resolve the issues and queries of its subscribers. Try out the app with its free trial period and subscribe for its premium plan once you get satisfied.

Get ExpressVPN for iPhone 13

4. Private-VPN

If safety is your concern, then PrivateVPN is the best choice for you if you are searching for a VPN service for your iPhone 13. The company’s mobile app for iOS users is designed with a set of extra features for providing safety to all users.

The service bypasses geo-restrictions and allows iPhone 13 users to stream geo-restricted videos and movies. The same users can explore geo-restricted websites on their devices. The service is protected with 256AES protection which is the top security protocol.

PrivateVPN is a highly customizable service that comes with three tunneling protocols exclusive for iOS users. Get this service with 30 days moneyback guarantee now!

Get PrivateVPN for iPhone 13

5. IPVanish

IPVanish is offering a flat 65% discount on its premium subscription plan for iOS users. If you have bought a new iPhone 13 and looking for an all-in-one VPN app for faster speed and reliable security, then IPVanish is a must-check service for you.

Starting from providing a fully private network of servers to providing high-speed connection without interruptions, this service gives you everything. The service follows the latest security protocols that safeguard your device from all security threats.

The service provides customizable connections, built-in support with Siri, alternate connection mode, and more. It is located in 75 locations with 1600+ servers. You can use this service simultaneously on multiple devices. The pricing starts at just $3.75 per month.

Get IPVanish for iPhone 13


You can get plenty of security solutions for free for your iPhone 13 Pro, Pro Max that are available for free. You can even get VPNs for free to use on your iOS devices. However, the above-listed virtual private networks are the top-rated and highly recommended ones by the experts for the latest iPhone range i.e. iPhone 13. Test out these VPN providers with their trial period first. Explore the given options and pick the suitable provider for your iPhone 13 Pro, Pro Max now.

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