What is a digital poker table?

One of the most popular card games is the Texas Hold’em variation of poker. This game does not require special equipment, and it’s even easier when you’re playing online and on mobile devices.

Nevertheless, the most straightforward gaming concepts can still be improved. Here comes an exciting and relatively new idea in the form of a digital poker table.

The future of gaming is digital

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Undoubtedly, the gaming industry is evolving towards various virtual solutions. Poker is not an exception here. Even in the traditional land-based casinos, a lot of slot machines are digital. More technologically advanced systems are replacing mechanical wheels, coin dropping apparatus, and other machinery. It is safe to assume that more fresh ideas will be introduced in the poker and casino industry in the future.

The most anticipated concept in any gaming vertical is Virtual and Augmented Reality. When it comes to video games, we have seen some progress, but there is still a lot of potential to be taken advantage of, and players are certainly hoping for more.

The same can be said about card and casino games. While a fully VR-operated casino is not a standard just yet, we can expect significant developments in that department. Meanwhile, there is another gadget that can make your card playing experience even more enjoyable. A digital poker table could be just the ultimate device to have when you are a group of devoted poker players.

Home games just got better

If the live online poker dealer feature is the closest thing to a real casino experience, then the digital poker table has to be the greatest upgrade for live playing. It combines the best of both worlds. One of the obvious perks of this device is comfort. The only thing you have to know is how to play poker and enjoy the game. The rest can be taken care of for you.

As mentioned before, playing poker online could not be easier. However, when throwing a poker-themed party or a long home tournament, you have to make some arrangements. But with a table that does everything for you, you can be sure that the game session will be running smoothly.

What can you expect from this hybrid between live playing and online games? Imagine a game with your friends where you don’t have to worry about dealing cards, counting chips, keeping track of increasing antes, and so on. Forget about the troubles with misdeals and split pots, either. The electronic table deals every hand with computer-generated randomness, which makes the game fair to everybody.

Another great thing about the digital poker table is the speed. It can deal 45-50 hands per hour on average compared to 25-35 hands when handling cards in a physical form. It means there will always be a quick, hassle-free poker action, which opens up a lot of opportunities. Even the long-lasting tournaments with many participants will not bore your guests.

Unless you prefer the feel of real cards and would instead want to play the traditional way, the advantages of a digital poker table are considerable. The only thing that could prevent you from making a purchase is the price. The cost of the device could set you back a dozen thousand or more.


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