Anonymous Proxies Review 2024

As a prominent player in the growing proxy service provider market, Anonymous Proxies was founded in 2009. Because there are so many proxies now in 2023, it can be difficult to decide which provider is best for you. In order to help users make an informed choice, this review explores the features, advantages, and disadvantages of Anonymous Proxies.

What is Anonymous Proxies?

Anonymous Proxies is a robust online HTTP and Socks proxies provider for various online businesses. It provides a secure and quick connection to the internet while maintaining full anonymity. Users can avail of all the services of Anonymous Proxies without compromising on their online visibility. Your online presence is in good hands when you have the safety and protection of such a provider.


Several characteristics of Anonymous Proxies make it appealing in the market for competitive proxy services:

Multiple Product Options

In addition to datacenter proxies, the provider offers a variety of IP addresses, including DNS, mobile, and residential proxies. So it has the capability to provide the benefits of a data center but with extra features.

Unlimited Bandwidth

One notable feature that sets Anonymous Proxies apart in the market is that they offer unlimited bandwidth for all proxy types, including mobile and residential proxies.

Two-way Authentication

Users can customize the authentication process to meet project requirements by selecting between username/password authentication and IP whitelist authentication.

List Update

Monthly proxy list refreshes from the service allow for easy modifications in response to changing requirements and preferences.

Plenty of Locations Available

With IP addresses available from more than 30 nations worldwide, Anonymous Proxies guarantees powerful geo-targeting capabilities.

Many Protocols at Your Disposal

The provider accommodates a wide range of use cases and project requirements by supporting both the SOCKS and HTTP protocols.

Pros and Cons of Anonymous Proxies

Presenting itself as a strong proxy service, Anonymous Proxies highlights both its benefits and drawbacks. Notable benefits include:


  • Various Proxy Types

Anonymous Proxies offers a range of proxies, including DNS, mobile, and residential proxies, in addition to the more traditional data center proxies.

  • Protocol Variety

To accommodate a range of project needs, the provider supports both the SOCKS and HTTP protocols.

  • Unrestricted Bandwidth

Anonymous Proxies, an industry standard for data center proxies, offers unrestricted bandwidth to residential and mobile proxies in addition to data center proxies.

  • Dual Authentication

Depending on particular use cases, users can choose between username/password authentication and IP whitelist authentication, offering flexibility.

  • List Refresh

By guaranteeing access to fresh proxies every month, the proxy list refreshes monthly, enabling users to adjust to evolving needs.


  • Absence of Free Trial

Anonymous Proxies does not provide a free trial, so customers must buy the product without first having access to a trial period.

  • Restricted Proxy Pool Information

Users are unaware of the range of options accessible because the provider withholds information regarding the size of its proxy pool.


On closer examination, Anonymous Proxies’s seemingly complex pricing structure becomes clear. The four main choices that users must make are: what kind of product to choose, how long to commit to (monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually), and how many IP addresses are needed. While users who are individuals or small businesses can obtain up to 100 proxies, enterprise users might need to get in touch with the support team to discuss custom packages.

The website dynamically computes the corresponding cost as users adjust the slider to select their preferences. This process gives users a clear understanding of expenses. Interestingly, discounts are available for larger packages and longer commitments, which helps to offset the relatively higher costs of the service.


With its establishment in 2009, Anonymous Proxies is a strong contender among the various proxy service providers available. It is positioned favorably by its many features, which include support for multiple protocols, a wide range of proxy types, unlimited bandwidth, dual authentication, list refresh, and extensive geographic coverage. Even though it looks complicated at first, the pricing structure is transparent and offers savings for large and long-term purchases.

Notwithstanding its advantages, consumers should be aware that there isn’t a free trial, so they must rely on the refund option to assess the product. Lastly, Anonymous Proxies’ refund policy demonstrates the company’s dedication to user satisfaction.

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