Best Fast DNS for PS4 UK and Canada | New Updated List With Better Uptime

Slow speed can be a party-spoiler when you are playing your favorite games on PS4 console. Though slow speed is the issue caused by poor internet connection, there may be chances in which bad DNS can act as a culprit. Your ISP or DNS is in charge behind the configuration of DNS services, you can still manually assign them for your gaming console. In some instances, a badly assigned DNS can slow down your internet speed up to 10 times.

Users have reported a few cases when DNS will show error to PS4 servers, preventing you connect to an online server. Having the list of fastest DNS servers for PS4 gaming can come handy. You can easily get better performance while playing your favorite games on PS4 console. Before we get through the list, let us first understand what a DNS is.

What is Domain Name System (DNS)?

DNS or Domain Name System translates the domain names you enter on your browser to IP addresses required to access those websites. DNS contains the list of IP addresses with their corresponding host names or domains. It translates the web addresses to its equivalent IP addresses. In short, DNS allows to establish a connection between an address that is human friendly and a computer readable address behind the network.

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Top Fast DNS for PS4 UK and Canada

To get a superb gaming experience on your PS4 console, you can try connecting to these fast DNS to get better internet speed.


OpenDNS was founded in 2005 and is now owned by Cisco. It is one of the biggest public DNSs available. This free service offers a number of benefits including – high speeds, 100% uptime, phishing sites blocked by default, parental controls-type web filtering blocking the websites by content type, along with free email support just in case anything goes wrong.

Once you connect to OpenDNS, you will experience higher uptime and better internet speed than ever while playing your favorite games on PS4. If you are an old hand at swapping the DNS, you can get started within minutes by reconfiguring your device to use OpenDNS servers. For newbies, OpenDNS will provide the one-click setup guide.

Primary and Secondary DNS Servers: and


Founded in 1995, Verisign has offered a number of services including security services such as managed DNS. It is free to use. The company focuses on three features i.e. – stability, security and privacy. It specifically delivers on account of stability and security. When it comes to privacy, you cannot be sure 100%. The company assures you that the public DNS data will not be sold to any third-party.

It offers a decent performance when you are playing on gaming console. You can easily setup the public DNS going through the tutorials available exclusively for you. Verisign is a good alternative to a number of DNS providers available on the web.

Primary and Secondary DNS Servers: and

Comodo Secure DNS

Comodo Secure is a powerful DNS by Comodo Group. Comodo host a number of security products that are loved by its users. Its DNS has a strong focus on safety. It not only blocks the phishing websites, but also warns you when you try to visit the sites with spyware, malware and even the parked domains which might overload you with lots of advertisements.

Performance is the key when it comes to Comodo Secure. The company suggests its worldwide network servers and smart routing technology, giving it an advantage. You can connect to its DNS and try playing your favorite games on PS4 console. You will definitely feel the speed difference.

Primary and Secondary DNS Servers: and

The Bottom Line

DNS can be troublesome and might lower down your internet speed causing a poor experience. If you are an avid gamer and want to experience your favorite games with better speed, you can definitely try any of the above-mentioned DNSs. All of them offers a better performance and uptime. There would be negligible lagging and you will get a superb gaming experience.

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