CompTIA 220-1001 Exam Facts: Here’s What Experts Say About Exam Dumps

So, you are that computer guy with a deep affection for everything networking. You work best under pressure and your commitment to client satisfaction and attention to detail is unmatched. Then we have some good news for you. How about you launch a career with the CompTIA A+ credential? All it takes is to pass two exams. Sounds promising, right? Let’s see what this career path brings to nerds and how exam dumps can help you ace the required 220-1001 test.

Details of Entry-Level CompTIA A+ Certification

CompTIA A+ is a widely accepted badge that is perfect for starting a successful IT career. It covers all the fundamental topics an entry-level technician is required to know.

Unlike most other entry-level credentials, Certbolt Network+ Practice Test 11 is unique as long as it has performance-based questions in its exams. This makes it easy to check and verify your skills in data management, cloud technologies, security, and networking as well as see if you can handle real-world problems in these areas.

Overview of the CompTIA Core Series Exams

CompTIA core exams, also known as 1000-Series represent the two tests learners should pass to complete their A+ training. These include 220-1001 and 220-1002 assessments that are a mark of excellence at the entry-level and confirm if you have the skills to effortlessly manage mobile devices, hardware, operating systems, and cloud technologies.

What’s New in A+ 1000-Series Version?

The new A+ exams have updated content that builds on the knowledge previously attainable from the 900-Series. Generally, Link and 220-1002 exhibit an improved coverage of all the key concepts you are required to be familiar with to fill the vacant entry-level support roles.

Also, this version of the assessments involves a new approach in emphasizing competency in operational procedures by including the basics of disaster recovery and prevention, scripting, device connectivity, and networking.

How Does the CompTIA 220-1001 Exam Compare to CompTIA 220-1002?

So, how do these two tests compare? Well, CompTIA 220-1001 is the first part of your certification path that covers networking technology and troubleshooting, virtualization and cloud computing, mobile devices, and hardware.

Conversely, the Visit Now  exam focuses on the installation and configuration of operating systems, software troubleshooting, operational procedures, and expanded security. Each of these assessments costs $226.

Besides, the A+ exams are now available in multiple languages including English, Japanese, Portuguese, Thai, Spanish, and German. Regarding the testing logistics, candidates may take their exams from a recognizable testing location soon after completing the full payment. Alternatively, CompTIA through its partnership with Pearson VUE allows you to sit for these assessments online from the comfort of your home while being supervised by a proctored device.

Exam Dumps — Your Main Preparation Tip

Now you know that the content of 220-1001 and the second exam is quite broad and the price is not very low. Thus, it’s evident that you should pay attention to the preparation process. First, don’t hesitate to use study materials offered by Certbolt A+ Practice Test 12 as they include all the needed information. And then, revise what you know with exam dumps. In this case, you’ll have the much-needed trial attempts and get used to the test features and environment.


If you want to set the pace for your colleagues by staying on par with modern IT trends, the Security+ Practice Test 8 credential suits such a goal. With many training materials readily available online, no certification journey should be boring. So, this is the time to crack your 220-1001 test with exam dumps and enjoy the advantages you’ll get.

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