Advanced Mobile Care Security or AMC Android App Review

Advanced mobile care security or AMC from Iobit is one of the new android fine tuning and security app for your device running android smart OS.

Advanced mobile care security or AMC android app review and features

The very first thing you are going to like about this application is that its packed with a number of features that you could think of and the best part is that most of them are free and no ads in the footer when you are connected to the world-wide-web.

Before starting do this item is for techies and developers ?

We have to say no, all you need is install the package from Google play store and the app welcomes you with an introduction, which is a tradition that you can skip.

Advanced mobile security brings up the neatly, elegant user interface like the one shown below, click on the image to view it larger


User interface : screen 1

UI two

User interface : screen 2


Swype from the left bring up the settings



Settings tab

You can start any of those functions with a click and the rest will be automated.

  • Antivirus : Scans (fast and deep mode)your device to check if there is any suspicious file that might harm your device. The handy real time protection automatically scans the apk after its installed, we suggest iobit to scan the apk before it’s actually installed.
  • Cleaner in action
sweaping software



After scanning

  • Task killer : We have to say you will love this as it lets you to automate the killing process when the screen is turned off or between certain interval of time that you set. Not interested in killing one of the app, you can use the ignore list and tap the plus icon in the top to add the ones that need not be killed.
manages many tasks

Task manager

  • Security zone : Measures the overall security of your device by considering certain parameters, for activating anti phishing you need to download an extra plugin.
extra layer protection

Added security

Note: surfing protection not available for mini version of the web browsers

  • Privacy locker : Lets you to safe guard the sensitive files behind a password lock. And it supports album, video, files, contacts and SMS.
    • All you have to do is set password, activate it select a photo( AMC opens all photos that’s stored in your phone) and hit add, locking done.

Privacy vault

  • Anti theft: Helps you to track the phone when its lost via web interface and helps you to wipe out the data with a simple command.
    • Triggering alarm is also possible when you have misplaced the phone or tablet.

    theft saver

    Anti theft

  • Widget support : Yes you can add widgets to the home screen with features( torch, task manager, WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile data, cpu usage, RAM usage and device storage ) as shown below, click on the image to view it full screen
small widget


in action

Widget in action

  • Call/SMS blocker: Lets you to black list numbers that’s spam.
  • Game speeder: for quick starting of games, but the apps can also be tried with this function
Game mode

Loading opera mini in-game mode

  • Cloud backup:Lets you to safe guard your contact list and call log to secure cloud without any hassle.
  • Battery saver: Feature might be helpful to old phones as most of the new ones come with this as inbuilt.
  • Batch uninstall with app manager.

Here is the Worlds lightest android internet browser

  • Privacy advisor: As the name suggests, it will help you to find which all installed application have an ad plugin and shows various permissions needed by applications

Privacy advisor results after scanning

Expect these features below every thing else was free when we have reviewed

  • Contacts & SMS Vault
  • Customized Scan & Clean
  • Anti-Phishing

Supported/customer care

Yes you can head over to support forum.


Giveaway (confusing name)

We thought this tab will give the pro version for free for doing some tasks but here what we found after opening it.

not good



  • No file shredder
  • No file recovery

Other info

  • Version : 4.5.1
  • Size: less than 8 MB
  • Requires 2.2 and above

Final Thought

By using Advanced mobile security or AMC free android app you could just simply replace all the other ones with same functionality.

Images and logos used in this post belongs to developer Iobit

Full version giveaway starts on 25/06/2015 and ends after 100 engagement as said in the rules

In association with Iobit we are giving away 100 genuine license for the full version with which you can enjoy the full features for a whole year absolutely free of cost.

Note: before trying out with serial number or unlock code, try out the full version for 7 seven days as a trial, then you can enjoy premium service for more than a year.


  • For the first 50 participants all you need is subscribe to our mail list, in side bar (orange coloured one) or the one below.
  • For the next 50 you need to subscribe to our mail as well drop a comment.
  • If you have already subscribed before this post, to take part all need is drop a comment

Email subscription box

Enter your email address:Delivered by FeedBurner

How to use the key ?


Upgrading to premium

Hit the ” Already have a code ?” and enter the code that you received in the mail. Sign up with the and sync with Iobit to safe guard your number.

Note: mere subscription don’t make you to eligible for the pro serial number, you have to verify your subscription.

Wait for few days for us to send the valid key to your email id, since the process is not automated.

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