5 Reasons You Need an Anonymous VPN For Windows 10, Mac, Linux

A number of users around the globe have started using a VPN service to protect their online privacy. The Internet is not the same as it used to be two decades back. The people have become more prone to the uncontrollable cybercrimes on the Internet. The online intruders take advantage of the unsafe connection and exploit the users by stealing their vital information. Even the government and ISPs try to steal the user information.

Last year itself, the social media websites like Twitter and Facebook experienced the rising level of the censorships imposed by the government, especially against the anti-government protests that happen on social media. Even the messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and a few more became the focus of the government of many countries. Sadly, more restrictions are to come in coming years. To get over all this, you need a VPN. Here are 5 reasons why you need an anonymous VPN.

Prevent Government, ISP, and Search Engine Tracking

The government surveillance and censorship is increasing day by day. Your internet freedom has been taken off. The government can now sneak into your social accounts and monitor your activity. Not only this, they can even track which websites you visited at what time. Your ISP stores all your browsing history and hence makes you traceable.

Even the search engines jeep a track about the things you are doing on the internet and shows you the suggestions/ads based on your interest. To avoid all this, you need an anonymous VPN connection. It masks your IP address to protect your identity online and ensures that all the web traffic is routed through the secure third-party servers. As your IP is hidden and third-party servers are used as DNS, you cannot be tracked by anyone on the internet.

Preserve your Online Security

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The cyber attacks are ever increasing. The rate of cybercrimes has never decreased over the years and has just kept on increasing. Over 70% of the cyber attacks occur in organizations relying on third-party for their online security. The office Wi-Fi is more vulnerable to phishing attempts and hacking. Using a VPN that uses bank-level encryption can prevent the rate of cyber attacks to a large extent. Here also, you rely on third-party for your online security, but this time, you are relying on a trustworthy source.

Unblock the Restricted Content & Websites on the Web

A country’s government may ban the access of a few websites and media content for the citizens. Not only this, there are few apps, games, and streaming services that are only available in few countries. To overcome this restriction, the VPN comes handy.

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All you have to do is connect to the server of the country where the access to the content you are browsing is not banned. Then, you can stream the geo-restricted videos, movies, & TV shows and can even access the restricted websites without any fear of getting caught by the government.

Save your Hard Earned Money on International Tours

You will find it hard to believe that the hotels, airlines, rental cars, and many such services charge you different amount based on your IP address. For example- if you are living in Nigeria and booking a hotel in the US, you will be charged higher as compared to the price when you book the same hotel while in the US.

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A VPN turns out to be a better option to change your IP address by simply connecting to the server of the country you are going to visit and then booking the entire tour smartly. It can surely save you some good money.

Connect to a Public Wi-Fi Network Fearlessly

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We all know the fact that connecting to a public WiFi network is not safe as a lot of intruders sitting on the public Wi-Fi are trying to gain access to our connected device. Still, most of us connect to these networks at critical situations risking our privacy. A Virtual Private Network provides your safety by simply directing the entire web traffic through the encrypted servers making it impossible for an intruder to gain access to your device.

The Bottom Line

A VPN is the need of the modern day. It has become essential for every user to use a VPN while connecting to the internet just to prevent the spies from stealing their confidential information. A VPN can even restrict the search engines, ISPs, and government authorities from tracking you. Thus, you can surf through the web like a king and enjoy complete internet freedom. So, get a VPN now!

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