Windows File Server Cloud Enablement with Triofox

File servers have many limitations such as protected files with passwords, different versions of files, permissions, expiry dates of the files, compatibility of mobile and PC systems, and more. To keep your servers up to date and make the file servers controllable, Gladinet’s Triofox is here for you.

There comes a time when you have to migrate your file servers over the cloud or want to share them with others. Since the file servers have their limitations, you can’t easily take full control of them. Trifox platform takes full control of the on-premises file servers with full security and intact. You can keep all the Windows File Servers as it is and can add more Cloud Ingredient to it with the Triofox.

What is the right solution for Windows File Servers?

VPN, FTP, and WebDav are the solutions present on the market for Windows File Server. VPN is the preferred choice of most users as it gives flexibility in work and also boosts business with remote work. However, these solutions don’t support cloud storage services and other applications.

While working with the mobile workforce, you need to give them access to cloud-storage applications and services. This is when you switch to an advanced solution that can combine the services of web-browser, laptop, desktop, and mobile access.

Thankfully, we have Triofox to help us boost the mobile workforce with the utmost security and full access to third-party cloud storage applications. It also integrates with web-browser, laptop, desktop, and mobile devices to enhance overall productivity.

What is Triofox?

Triofox is there to improve the reach of the Windows File Servers by boosting their mobility. It gives secured remote access to the existing Windows File Servers with security and privacy. Without breaching the data and its security, this platform enables users to improve their productivity in the mobile workforce. With Triofox Signup, you can get started with this service.

Almost every enterprise uses a mobile workforce for lead generation and to look after their business. Mobilization is crucial in today’s digital era where enterprises and control their workforce in remote locations.

Most enterprises look for a way to give secured remote access to their team. Some want to simplify the workforce by improving their file servers sharing option so that more people can have the secured access to their data.

Key Features:

Fix Things Remotely

A simple mapped drive connects easily to the file servers that eliminates the need for VPN services. You don’t need to utilize the cloud services or cloud-based server to fix things as you can have full access to the file servers that you can manage from your existing device.

Boost Mobile Workforce

The aim of this file server solution is to boost the mobile workforce by offering easy access to the file servers with full security. It is compatible work with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. Any employee who uses any of these platforms can have access to the file servers that automatically boost the mobile workforce.

Maintains Data ownership

This solution provides full security while sharing data from the file servers. It prevents data leakages and data loss. The system works with the standard protocols and NTFS permissions.

Enhances Security

The system converts your normal requests into remote requests. There will be no data leakages and that’s how it boosts the security of the requests. The requests converted into authenticated queries.

Easy Management

It offers centralized data management that keeps an eye on the data sharing. The system lets you track where your data goes and how you can manage them. It also lets you check how has the access and how you can discontinue the access.

Super Fast

Triofox is designed to work on the existing file servers. The setup process is easy and anyone can set it up on the current servers. You can add or remove this solution whenever you need it as it runs parallel with the current file servers.

How does Gladinet Trifox work?

Gladniet Triofox is designed to make your mobile workforce simple. It is the best file server replacement solutions present in the market. Trifox is basically a separate file server that accepts file requests from client agents.

Clients agents use drive mapping functionality from the requests from Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android mobile devices. Since the workforce is working remotely, they can use any of these devices to send requests. A simple login needs to be followed after a quick installation of the installer file on your computer system.

The server then converts these requests received through HTTPS/ SSL Protocols into Active Directory. The created active directory then shared by File Server Network with the help of the NTFS Permissions. The Dashboard gives you all the options to simplify the process and setup the permissions to your workforce.

In the next phase, the server checks the permissions, and if all the permissions are passed, the requests will be resent using the same HTTPS/ SSL protocols.

Triofox utilizes this technique to work combined with the file servers and the security protocols while receiving and sending requests. It also utilizes the power of a Virtual Private Network and its protocols to simplify the tasks.

This simplicity has made this File Sharing server or we can say platform the most reliable one for the users who want to boost their mobile workforce.


Triofox is there to take your file servers back to the future. It is super simple and gives you the full secured data sharing options to boost the remote workforce. It comes with centralized management, ransomware protection, hybrid storage with cloud, and many more features.

You can utilize all of these features and tools to boost your mobile workforce and manage them the way you want. The best thing about this file server solution is it is there for all and also compatible with the existing system. Try out this file server solution for free now!

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