Dibbs| A Must Have App If You Are Working In Construction Industry

There is no marketplace or solution to find the right price for the construction materials. The bidding system comes under an unorganized sector, and it’s not suitable for modern times. The sellers and buyers have adopted modern technology such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and communicating via the internet. Dibbs has solved the problem with the Android and iOS apps.

What is Dibbs?

Dibbs is replacing the current bidding process for construction materials and projects. The smartphone app removes the gap between sellers and buyers in the world. Dibb’s services are available in selected regions only, and the management will expand the business in the coming years. Still not clear about what Dibbs does? I have explained it below and get projects or constructions materials at the best price.

Real Estate Marketplace

Dibbs is a real estate marketplace for sellers and buyers. You can create a new post to renovate or repair the garage doors. The post contains material information and location so the sellers can deliver the goods to the doorstep. You will receive bids on the published post and handpick the seller to purchase the construction material.

1. Your post receives bids from various sellers from the region/country.

2. The bid may start from a high price, but the price goes down with each bidder.

3. You will find the right material price by the end of the day.

Suggest a material budget, requirements, location, etc. You are sourcing the material from the reputed seller at the best price.

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Customize Profile

Dibbs is a real estate marketplace for sellers and buyers to source the materials at the best price. You can place orders from the Android/iOS app and customize the profile to meet your requirements. Users can register as a seller or buyers or contractors, or suppliers. Customize the profile to inform the visitors about you. As a seller, you can share professional information with the visitors, and it will improve the reputation in the community. The profile is an important identity for anyone, and it improves the trust value among the visitors. As a buyer, a good profile builds trust on the platform.

Filters for Sellers

Do you want to sell the construction material on Dibbs? You can find buyers on the platform, and supply them with the raw materials. You never have to worry about the buyers and sell the materials via Dibbs.

The marketplace solves the current bidding process limitations and you can sell the materials without a problem. You don’t have to sell the construction materials below the average price and sell at the right price. The Android/iOS app has filters for the sellers, and you can start bidding on the projects that meet your expectations. The filters include region, material list, budget, timeline, etc.

View Post Details

Sellers can view the buyer’s posts and see if you can fulfill them. You don’t have to place a bid right away and give the heart to save the post for later. Sellers don’t have to place a bid with the least information and go through the requirement to understand the buyer. The seller can come back to the post, and place a bid to pique the buyer’s interest.

Alert Tabs

The alert tab is a notification center, but it’s different from the social media notification tab. You receive alerts from the buyer’s posts and new listings so you can keep up with the customers with less effort. The alert tab is designed for the sellers and buyers, and the founders value the user’s time. You’ll never receive unnecessary alerts from the apps, and the founders value your time.

Who benefits from the Dibbs?

Are you confused about whether you should be on Dibbs? Let me give you a list of professionals that should download Dibbs Android and iOS apps to get started.

a. Home/Building Owners

b. Contractors.

c. Sub Contractors.

d. Suppliers.

e. Construction workers, who can build a house themselves.

The real estate marketplace makes the material sourcing bidding process easier for the seller and buyer.

Bottom Line

Dibbs doesn’t charge the new users a single penny, and it’s a free-to-use app. The real estate marketplace app is available in selected regions only, and the company will expand to new locations later down the line. Let us know what you think about Dibbs technology in the comment section below.

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