5 Ways Healthcare Staffing Software Companies Can Increase the Productivity of Your Business

Staffing has always been something of a dilemma in the medical field, especially when it comes to finding qualified people to fill certain positions and keeping track of their records. Fortunately, staffing software can streamline this information and help expedite the hiring process.

Here’s how healthcare staffing software companies can help your business stay on top:

1. Healthcare staffing software can help you better navigate job boards

Finding a new candidate can feel like running a race in the dark. You don’t know where the finish line is, and by the time you get there, someone else has stolen the prize. Healthcare staffing software (HSS) can show you to the finish line.

Many employers instinctively head to popular job boards and career sites when they need a position filled. However, managing Indeed, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Monster with regular postings can quickly become time-consuming, especially when you have to adhere to the guidelines and formats of each site. To make matters even more complicated, the responses to your job postings will likely come from all these different sites, making it difficult to keep track of candidates.


A good software system allows you to post across boards and sites in a single click. Best of all, responses are saved on an easy-to-manage dashboard.

2. Healthcare staffing software can help market job postings to inbound searchers

At times, many healthcare professions may seem strangely interconnected. This is especially the case if you work in a large hospital where many different physicians, nurses, therapists, and caregivers work. Sometimes, when you need to fill a position with a qualified candidate fast, it helps to stay close to what you know. In this case, your own hospital or organization.

How, then, do you go about attracting this talent? HSS can help you create an enticing invitation to view current employment opportunities at your facility with the click of a button. This can be a real win-win for both parties.

For you, it means tapping into a pool of experienced professionals before other hospitals and organizations have the chance to entice them. For professionals, this is an easy way to explore other career opportunities. Since they are investigating you as opposed to answering a wanted ad for an unknown organization, they likely already know much of what they need to know about you (and you them). This makes the hiring process much less stressful for everyone involved.

3. Healthcare staffing software allows you to manage vendor systems


Filing in the gaps with temporary staffing is just a way of life in the healthcare field.

With that in mind, labor vendors are often a helpful but complicated resource. That’s because vendors often create their own Internet-based systems. Utilizing several of these programs to maintain the needed level of contractor labor can be inefficient.

HSS can handle all of your vendor communications and consolidate that information for quick reference.

4. Healthcare staffing software allows for better credential management

Reviewing applicants’ resumes and credentials is not a simple task. After all, you have to ensure that candidates are who they say they are and that they have submitted the appropriate documentation for your review. The good news is that many healthcare staffing software companies have worked hard to take the guesswork out of this process.

In fact, some software systems will contact institutions and boards for verification. Most even offer a portal so that a candidate can upload documents for review, which saves the human resource specialists’ time.

Finally, HSS will warn employers if a candidate’s credentials are not suitable. Once employed, the candidate may even receive notifications when certifications are about to expire.

5. Healthcare staffing software makes tracking application painless

Sometimes, paperwork can get lost during even the most organized of hiring campaigns. Fortunately, the right HSS will collect and organize credentials, background checks, residencies, and interview reports in a single location. This will signal to candidates and employers that something is missing. That way, no one misses out on a great opportunity.

Healthcare staffing software companies: The solution to every search

Finding qualified candidates and handling their applications may always be a challenge in healthcare. Fortunately, healthcare staffing software can make the process much smoother. Find the program that matches your needs today.

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