Best Free VPN For Microsoft Edge Available Via Windows 10 Store For PC And Laptop

VPN a virtual private Network that extends a private network across a public network and it allows to transfer data from the user to host from a third server which encrypts the data. VPN enable their clients to access the Internet securely VPN a virtual private Network that extends a private network across a public network, and it allows to transfer data from the user to host from a third server which encrypts the data. VPN enable their clients to access the Internet securely and anonymously. Many of the VPN services are available on the internet that is free and paid. Here is the list of someFree VPN applications available on Microsoft’s Store.

VPN’s available in Microsoft Windows 10 Store:-



TouchVPN is 100% Free VPN available in the Microsoft store that doesn’t contain any trials, and it’s genuinely unlimited no worries of exceeding the maximum limit. It’s also straightforward to use just a button to click, and it will tunnel the whole device and connect it with its VPN server that is (Sweden, United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Denmark, France, Canada). It provides secure SSL encryption which makes connection more anonymous and secured. TouchVPN will help its users to surf the web and access contents anonymously, and it also supports streaming and VOIP facilities. TouchVPN unblocks everything for free; it provides banking-level of encryption for security of data for best protection. It hides the actual IP address and online identity. To download this application go here or just search on windows store for TouchVPN. VPN:-

2.PNG VPN is the worlds fastest VPN that offers unmatched privacy with highly advanced security features. It provides the FREE limited VPN service, but the quality of service is premium. It replaces original IP address by its own and encrypts all traffic flow with military-graded encryption protocol. In free service it provides the 500MB limit for two weeks that will be renewed to 500MB again after two weeks for the lifetime means it offers 2GB of data usage limit in a month, with free service only 3 locations are available (Singapore, Netherland and Canada). It connects to the server automatically, and it is available in 15 different languages. It will protect the device from public wifi, secure online identity, protect all of their online activities. There is also an option to purchase Unlimited usage for hiding.Me VPN. VPN can be downloaded from here or search on Microsoft store for VPN.

Hotspot Shield Free VPN:-


Hotspot Shield provides the VPN proxy to protect the online data of the user from the hackers, snoopers, and data leaking and theft. Hotspot Shield provides free use of its VPN service for the lifetime and almost Unlimited data usage with their fastest and the proprietary servers that ensure fastest VPN speed and most secure and stable connection. Hotspot Shield claims that they don’t store users information and track any activity which means the user is entirely anonymous with the use of Hotspot Shield. It can unblock the geo restrictions on apps and websites means anywhere on the device. It provides banking-level encryption to secure the connection, and it hides the IP address, location, and identity from site and trackers. To download search on Microsoft store for Hotspot shield or goto this link.

VPN Unlimited:-


VPN Unlimited does not restrict the Internet connection speed or bandwidth. It provides the high quality of VPN service it is free to download from Microsoft Store, and there are ten days free of charge usage time. In both VPN Unlimited trial and subscription Unlimited traffic bandwidth, Unlimited connection speed, Multiple connections across multiple devices are included. VPN Unlimited provides a great number of security option like protecting all online activity, access territory-restricted web content and surfing anonymously, extra protection for WiFi Hotspot Internet. With VPN Unlimited users can access any website, message service, stream and even VOIP service. It is also available on other platforms like Mac OS X, Linux, IOS, and Android. VPN Unlimited is available on Microsoft store just search for it ir go here to download.


When it comes to your online safety many type if things needs to be considered while choosing a VPN service like its speed, features, privacy, logging and most important price.We have selected some of the free VPN’s which was available in the Microsoft store. Most of the free VPN’s doesn’t provide a high speed VPN service and they also log/store the users activities to their server which means they have the access of the user data. Whatever VPN provider you choose using a VPN is always a saver/ wise decision to protect yourself and your personal information’s online.

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