OpenWeatherMap vs AccuWeather Which Is Accurate And API

AccuWeather is the archrival of OpenWeatherMap. Millions travel from one place to another due to professional reasons or touring. It’s essential to learn about the one-week weather status. Nobody wants to get trapped on a highway with the least access to the services. Bad weather is the two-wheelers tourers’ nightmare. I have installed both applications on my Android 13 smartphone and left a review for the readers.

Which Weather App Has “Superior Accuracy” in the Business?

Accuracy is crucial in weather services. AccuWeather has much more accurate statistics than OpenWeatherMap. I have compared the stats from real-time information. You can check the snapshots and compare them yourself.

Check the temperature, wind speed, humidity, week-long stats, etc. I have compared the stats with another well-known weather service. AccuWeather accuracy is formidable. Unfortunately, the competition loses points here, but the numbers are close to AccuWeather.

User-Interface Experience

I have a clear winner in the user-interface experience. AccuWeather follows a modern design for the iPhone and Android users. The web-based applications also follow the same design pattern. However, OpenWeatherMap has a minimalist design covering most information on one screen. You don’t have to scroll or wipe down for more statistics. Weather forecasts are all about stats, and OWM nailed it. You will love the Android or iOS app in dark mode because it is pleasant for the eyes.

OWM nails the web application by providing the stats on the homepage. AccuWeather has many junks on the homepage for professionals. Allow the browser to locate your region for customized stats for both weather services. Or, you can enter the region name manually and get the stats.

An Expensive API Ride

Many companies purchase the API key and add the weather forecast feature to their services. AccuWeather and OWM charge the companies for the API services. Everyone wants to save money while getting the best service for the organization. We will look at the pricing structure of both weather forecast services.



The OpenWeatherMap charges $0.13 per API request. Meanwhile, AW charges $0.12 for one call. You have to compare the pricing structure as per the requirements. I can’t take a dig at AW or OWM because the pricing depends on the final requirement. AW has complicated the plan structure by adding multiple plans. Fortunately, you can try the 14-day trial pack or free account for a broader idea.

Weather Forecast Server Status

Forecast applications don’t work and won’t show the latest weather reports. We don’t know what’s happening on the service provider’s end. You can check the server status report on the official website and find out the issue. AccuWeather takes the point because they have added the webpage. Anyone can check the server status and find the detected problems on the page. Save time when the application is not displaying the weather reports. Learn about server downtime without contacting customer support. Meanwhile, OWM doesn’t have a dedicated webpage on the site or the application.

Customer Care and Support Materials

Customer care is a necessity if you are subscribing to a service. We should add knowledgebase into account because they solve many problems without assistance. As a writer, I know how to review the materials on the website.


AW has added a FAQ webpage on the site. New users can learn how to navigate the weather dashboard. AccuWeather didn’t add a knowledgebase section for the new users. They could have answered all questions in dedicated tutorials.

However, they allow users to contact customer care through a dedicated number. Or, you can email the support team, and they will return a call or response.


OWM has added comprehensive documentation. Anyone can access the dedicated tutorials and set up the weather API without assistance. OWM lacks a phone number connecting the customer support team. Users can email the OpenWeatherMap team and receive a reply from them. You can choose the OWM company if you don’t have any issues without dedicated technical customer care. You can read the documentation and set up the API in your application.

Bottom Line

OpenWeatherMap and AccuWeather bring tremendous features, API solutions, and plans for users. List the number of requirements on a paper, then compare the services. Both brands have dedicated Android and iOS applications. You can control everything from the website without limitations. Let us know which weather forecast solution you chose in the comment section.

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