Changmyip shared or dedicated proxies and SOCKS Review 2024

ChangeMyIP was founded in 2008 and since then, it has been a seasoned participant in the datacenter proxy services market. It provides users with a dependable and stable choice for their proxy requirements. Even though it might not be the most well-known brand in the industry, its ten years of existence is important to consider. This is the review of the proxies and Socks seller.

What is Changemypi?

Changemyip sets itself apart by offering dedicated and shared proxies to meet the needs of a wide range of users. These proxies are further categorized according to whether they support the SOCKS or HTTP protocols. Hence, the versatility gives users the option to select the one that best suits their needs and preferences.

ChangeMyIP’s global reach is prominent with its data centers located on every continent. Users will be able to access IP addresses from a range of locations thanks to this broad coverage. To improve the flexibility of its services, the provider lets users request proxies from desired locations.

The provider does not impose any bandwidth limitations, meaning that users can transfer data without any restrictions regardless of the type of proxy that they choose. There are usage restrictions that forbid using IP addresses for PayPal-related activities and torrenting. Other than these restrictions, users are free to engage in a wide range of online activities that are compliant.

A variety of packages are available in Changemyip where the packages enable users to obtain one to one hundred IP addresses. There the four types of IP addresses that users can access.

The provider’s 30-day refund policy is a noteworthy feature that highlights its dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction. Because they know they can get a refund if the promised service doesn’t live up to their expectations, users can explore ChangeMyIP’s services with confidence.

Top Features of Changemyip

ChangeMyIP is a compelling option for users looking to improve their online privacy and performance because of its many excellent features that set it apart from other proxy services.

Full Anonymity

ChangeMyIP places a high priority on user privacy by guaranteeing complete anonymity when using the internet. Users notice a dynamic change in their IP address when using their proxies or SOCKS. All internet traffic appears to come from the provider’s servers instead of their own machine. This not only safeguards users’ identities but also adds an additional layer of security to their online activities.

Amazing Speed

ChangeMyIP’s emphasis on performance is one of its best features. Every server has 1Gb/s network ports and is carefully optimized so that you can achieve high-speed connections. When using SOCKS or Proxy, users can anticipate a smooth and quick surfing experience. The commitment to maintaining optimal speeds ensures that users won’t encounter sluggish connections. As a result, it allows uninterrupted and efficient online navigation.

Affordable Price

ChangeMyIP markets itself as a low-cost option that doesn’t sacrifice quality. Their prices are reasonable and small, giving users a competitive pricing structure. The pricing page is emphasized as a resource to check out, with the guarantee that users won’t be let down. This focus on affordability tries to make premium proxy services available to a larger user base.


For both Proxy and SOCKS services, ChangeMyIP provides a two-tiered pricing structure: Dedicated and Shared.

Dedicated: Users who select Dedicated SOCKS and Proxy get exclusive use rights, guaranteeing that they are the only users using the designated IP address. Better and faster bandwidth, completely anonymous and undetectable browsing, and compatibility with all applications and browsers are the outcomes of this. Multiple IP subnets, strong 1Gb/s+ connections, and unlimited bandwidth are all features of the service.

Shared: SOCKS and Proxy serve a wider range of users by offering robust 1Gb/s+ connections, and anonymity. Although bandwidth is unrestricted, it is shared by all users, which may result in slower speeds when server activity is at its highest. The IP address is shared by several users, providing a feature-rich and affordable solution for users with different needs. The cost of Shared packages starts at $1.


Changmyip is for users who want stable servers and wide coverage of locations. The company maintains its servers in a way they are scalable without any issue. The lack of custom packages may be a deal breaker for some. However, the pre-made packages seem to be well-rounded for all types of users. Overall, Changmyip ticks a lot of boxes and there is no major reason to not try it.

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